Don’t become a victim of God’s timing!

If you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Can’t you just hear the heartbreak, disappointment, and sorrow pouring from Martha’s heart? Why would Jesus do this to His dear friends? Why did He wait until Lazarus was dead and in the tomb for four days before making an appearance at the tomb? Didn’t Jesus realize the pain that He would cause to Lazarus’ family? Didn’t He care that they were hurting? 

Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died.” ~John 11:21


You have to be careful that you don’t entertain questions like the ones I posed to you today in this message. Although they may seem like legitimate ones, they are birthed out of a heart that is filled with hurt and that is giving doubt a place. There’s a fine line between hurt and allowing the enemy to gain access to your heart through doubt.


Are you looking to God for a breakthrough or miracle in your life, but it seems that God doesn’t care about your condition? Whenever we have an unmet need, and it appears as if it is going unnoticed by the Lord, then that is the time when we must be careful to guard our hearts against doubt and unbelief. If we entertain thoughts such as, “Miracles happen in other people’s lives, but not in mine.” Beware! The enemy is trying to use delayed blessings as a weapon against us to cast doubt in our hearts and make us feel isolated. Jeremiah tells us to place our hope in the Lord; and when we do, God will bless us. We will be like a tree planted by the waters. We won’t fear when heat or drought comes because our roots are in Him. 


The purpose of today’s devotion is to help you guard your heart against becoming a “victim of God’s timing.” When it comes to God meeting our needs, we all have a time frame. Nevertheless, faith will still believe even though God doesn’t move in “our time.” We have been called to believe until the saving of the soul. We must not draw back in unbelief because it didn’t happen when we thought it should.


God is no respecter of persons. If He has healed others, then He will heal you as well. Don’t doubt; just hold on to your faith until the Lord moves on your behalf.