Don’t Let Your Hearts be Troubled!

Wow this seems simple, doesn’t it. Don’t be troubled … you already trust God, trust His Son, too. I recently read a beautifully articulated theory of something that really made me think about. The author spoke of their belief that God creates us, each of us, with an incompleteness, a yearning for Him. Think  of it as a “God-sized hole.”  I think everyone has a God-sized hole in the center of their life.  If we recognize the magnitude of it, and seek God to fill it … to take His rightful place in the center of our life … we have some hope of peace here. Have a wonderful day trusting in God. 


“Do not let your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God; trust also in me.” ~ John 14:1

God has left clues literally everywhere in our world that point to His majesty and to His dominion.  And, if we aren’t astute enough to pick up on the obvious visuals, He has a backup plan.  He instills each recipient of His Spirit with an insatiable desire to pass on the gift of hope in Him. Still, there are those who refuse to listen. They are doomed to a life of attempting to fill the hole with ill-fitting pieces.

When you’re stuffing substitutes for God into the hole, whether it’s money, or food, or cars, or worry, or whatever … your heart is troubled.  These false things can’t bring you  a lasting peace and never will.  They serve only to whet your appetite for more money, or food, or cars, or worry … or whatever.

Trusting in God, and in His Son Jesus Christ is the only remedy. If you will accept that, believe it, and trust it with your whole heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you everyday … the missing puzzle piece that will seamlessly fill the hole and allow you to be complete. I love that!  Without the missing “piece,” we can have no “peace.” So think about that today.


Can Christians Have Problems?

It seems that the question used in today’s title is an ongoing curiosity; it is often asked by new people who come to faith in Jesus for their salvation. Salvation is given to mankind to keep our souls from entering eternal torment. Unfortunately, it does not keep us from experiencing trouble in this life on earth. I don’t personally know of any promise in God’s Word that specifically says God will keep us from all trouble, heartache, and suffering. However, I could fill up several pages with verses that teach us that saints had to suffer greatly, just because of their faith in Christ. If we are honest with ourselves and read the Bible as it is written, it will end the discussion that asks, “Do Christians have troubles after receiving Christ into their hearts. Have a wonderful day and remember Emmanual ~(God is with us).

Jesus tells us in John 16:33, “In this world, you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; for I have overcome the world.” If Jesus says we will have tribulation in this world, then you can be certain trouble is inevitable for believers.

Nevertheless, Jesus shows us in the verse from John’s gospel where our focus and curiosity should rest. You see; before I came to faith in Christ 4.5 years ago, I “on our own,” so to speak. I didn’t turn to God in times of trouble because I didn’t have faith in God. However, now that I have submitted my heart to Christ, God has promised to be with me and you if have made that same committment to Christ no matter what trouble may come our way. Even though we have faith in Christ, we will still have problems; however, God is with us to deliver us from ALL of them.  What trouble are you faced with today? Are you experiencing condemnation because of the trouble? If you are, then place your complete attention on Jesus and know that He is with you. As a result, you will overcome this problem in your life, and it will become a testimony of God’s faithfulness.

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled!

You and I have this promise in hard times. God will not let our hardships destroy us. Though they may be tragic in and of themselves, He will use them for our good. You and I cast our worries on God because it’s His responsibility to give us what we need. As we trust him with the bigger picture of our lives, the weight is lifted and peace washes over our anxieties. 


Nothing makes us want to live safe in God’s love and protection than when we are plagued by fear and anxiety. The million dollar question is.. How do we get to a safe place in God where we run free and leave our anxious cares with Him? We follow the advice of Peter in 1 Peter 5:7. Even the most mature Christians today are apt to labor under the burden of anxious and excessive care such as personal concerns, family woes, cares for the present, cares for the future, cares for themselves, for others, and for the church. Peter saw this anxious care as a heavy burden and he gave us some wise counsel for dealing with it. Isn’t that amazing? You and I don’t have to carry the burden of our worries. God is willing to release us from our cares, and take our concerns upon Himself.


Let me be honest. It’s easy to cast our cares upon God. The hard part is not taking them back. When it appears to us that God is not paying attention to our needs, worry returns and we feel the need to do something about it. I assume by casting our situation on God and asking him to carry the burden means our troubles would go away. What was the point of giving our burden to God in the first place if he wasn’t going to make it all go away? You may wonder.


The point is this. When you and I cast our cares on God we are acknowledging and recognizing that it’s His responsibility to care for us not ours. At first the weight is lifted until God doesn’t respond to our need like we think He should. Then, we are quick to retrieve the burden. We forget that God is painting on a large canvas. He sees the big picture. We only see what’s happening to us at the moment. God may allow events to come into our lives—good things and bad things; things that make sense and things that don’t. Every one of these incidents serves as part of his plan for our lives. What you and I may think is harmful and destructive God is using for our good—to bring us to completion in godly conduct and character. He will allow nothing to happen to us that isn’t first filtered through his screen of protection. In other words, what won’t destroy us God uses to better us. Ultimate harm would be if God left us in the state we are in.