Answers Are Waiting in His Presence



Do you sometimes believe that you can accomplish more on your own, without any help from God? Do you often start your day without even acknowledging His presence? If so, I want to challenge you to begin seeking Him—not just in the morning—but throughout your day. Personally, I take advantage of every opportunity I can to find a quiet place where I can be alone to talk with God, just as I would a close friend. When we cultivate a personal relationship with God, we learn that His way is always better than our own.

Often it seems as if the methods of the world are quicker and easier than God’s method; however, I know from experience that His way is always best. Following the world leads to a dead end.  However, following God’s way leads to a successful, happy life.

Many times, we rush through our days, proceed with our own plans, and place our time with God on the back burner. As a result, we often travel down those dead-end roads. Only when everything else has failed do we call out to him in desperation. Although God doesn’t mind showing us mercy during those times, He would rather we seek Him first. Just as a close friend would not want to be chosen as a last resort, God doesn’t want to be our last resort either.

When we cultivate a relationship with God, we must understand that He not only wants to be an intricate part of our lives, but He also wants us to delight in the time we spend with Him. When we begin to enjoy spending time with Him, He allows us to know Him on a more intimate level. He reveals mysteries to us when we quiet ourselves and listen more intently for His voice. He will give us answers that only He can give, which will empower us to reach our fullest potential in life.

As we receive His words, we experience a peace that passes all understanding. We begin to have what I call a knowing, deep inside, that He is always there, ready to give us the revelation knowledge we need to operate in power.

In order to reach this secret place, we must keep in mind certain truths that are vital in establishing a relationship with Him. First, we must acknowledge His son, Jesus, who sacrificed His precious blood. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of acknowledging the shed blood of Jesus. It is a necessity in the life of a Believer. It is only because of Jesus’ sacrifice that we have an opportunity to cultivate a close relationship with the Father.

Also, we must love others unconditionally, because God is love. When we begin to increase our understanding of the love of God and operate in it, we will begin to experience more of Him.

Last but not least, we must learn how to cast our cares on Him, setting aside time each day to clear our minds of clutter. God is always speaking to us, but when our minds are filled with worries and concerns we cannot hear Him.