When God sends Tests

This scripture and message for you is to reflect on and He has these words for you that He is with you and knows exactly where you are going. Right at moment how are you reacting to the problems you face? Have you allowed fear to dominate your life? Are you disappointed? Angry? Frustrated? Worried? Remember that God is with you, all the time-even when the world seems like a dark place and there seems to be no hope. He cares for you-right now. No matter how things may seem on the surface, you can place your hope in Him. Trust in Him! He will deliver you, and you will come forth as pure as gold!

When He Tests me I will Come out as Pure as Gold!

“But he knows where I am going, and when he tests me I will come out as pure as gold.”~ Job 23:10


Are you feeling the weight of some crushing burden or difficult situation? The words that Job’s speak immeasurable comfort in the midst of any trial we are going through.

First, never forget this “He knows where you are going”. God is not unaware of your difficult circumstance, nor is He insensitive to the pain you are feeling, He knows your plan. He is intimately acquainted with your situation and your condition.

And if the all-wise, all-powerful, loving God is allowing one of His precious children to pass through affliction, you can be rest assured that there is a good purpose behind it. You may not as yet see it; and you surely may not now even agree with it. But please rest assure that when He has tried you, you will come out of the trial as refined, purified gold.

My dear friends, rest in this wonderful assurance, that God is right their next to you in your trial and on His throne in heaven. It is through resistance and affliction that our faith is tested. Today in prayer, praise the Lord that when you are tested you are growing more in His likeness.

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