How To Stop Striving and Resting in God?

WOW! What a mighty God we serve. So many of us are always are trying to straighten things out. Fix someone, only to simply weary others and worry ourselves to be a mess. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Your persistent nagging and trying to do everything on your own, when you finally stop and say God I can’t do this anymore on my own, God will intervene and do IT! What a powerful, precise, and perfectly penned word for so many of us. Have a blessed day everyone!! 

In the midst of a heartbreaking trial that you maybe going through, God clearly gave me the verse from Psalm 46: “Be still and know that I am God” ~Psalm 46:10


Maybe you have been doing everything you knew to do, everything  you could do, in order to fix this painful situation – and then came the Word of God: “Be still, cease striving… know that I am God.”

God’s Word is clear. We couldn’t fix it, and we need to stop trying. You had wept. You had prayed. You had tried to make things right. You had searched your heart, rehearsed all your failings, and experienced the grief of them all. Yet nothing had worked. The situation hadn’t changed; the incredible pain had not gone away. Now I hope it is clear. If you were to walk in faith, if you were to live by faith, you had to cease striving. You were to shut your mouth and quit trying to teach, to instruct, to straighten out, and you were to know God. He sits as sovereign on His throne; He hasn’t moved. And you haven’t seen “the rest of the story.” Your part in this situation was simply “to be” rather than “to do.” Whatever happens, you need to know that you are to continue to rest, to relax and to remember that He is God. You are to walk by faith and remember that you are not God, that you cannot fix the situation. Your responsibility is simply to trust and obey and to be what He wants you to be. You are to embrace truth and to live by it.