A Living Hope!

My friends, begin today to walk the steps of faith. Surrender your troubles to the One who can lift you above them all.  Let God’s strength fill you and give you peace for He has given His angels charge over you. You were never meant to carry your burdens alone. No matter what heartache or pain you have now, the peace of Christ can be still be yours if you trust it all to Him. Remember that Christ death and resurrection were part of His plan. He knew that we were hopelessly lost and prisoners of sin. He provided a way that will keep us in peace on this earth and take us through to the glory of heaven forever. Jesus left the grave!  He is alive within the hearts of all believers. His power is yours forever! Jesus is a living hope and he will always make a way to help you.

  “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” (Luke 24:5)            Image                 

We each have our own idea of how we think God should help us in the problems of this life. Most of us have a pre-conceived notion of what is good for God to do for us. Unfortunately, when God does not work things out as expected, many believers let seeds of doubt  fill their mind. Fear is given reign in their lives instead of the risen Christ. Weary from the battle, many give up hope reacting as though Christ were still in the tomb instead of being alive with full authority over everything. They search for the living in the dead areas of their lives. The enemy’s lies become real for them. Our trust in the trials we face is not based on that which can be seen. The bible tells us in Hebrews 11:1 that , “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  If you were able to see and understand everything that God is permitting in your life, you would have no need for faith. Without faith, it is not only impossible to please God, it is impossible to know the God you serve! We have to remember in every storm of life that Christ is at the center and He permits only that which fulfills His will for you. You may not like the attacks that come against you, but they are powerful tools used to equip you for eternal victory. You will never be able to stand in the struggles of life if you do not have the knowledge of God’s power and a belief that He will not fail you. In the time of testing, the enemy is going to pull out all the stops to tempt you to think that you are beyond help. He is going to fill your mind with thoughts of failure and defeat. Unless you are firmly grounded in the truth of God’s love and His power in your battles, you will not have the strength to fight. Keep pressing forward!  Keep believing and move ahead into your destiny into the plans the Lord has for you!