He is with you Always, Even to the End of Age!

Whatever struggle you are facing in your life, let the truth be your guide. There is nothing to stop the purpose for which God created you. Your days were numbered and a plan was made for you long before you were born. There is always hope in every battle because the power of God is with you to the end. 


 “…And be sure of this, I am with you always, even to the end of age.” ~ Matthew 28:20

You are never alone in your life even when you absolutely believe no one is with you. You are never alone in your life because God did not make you to be alone. God did not make you to cry from the pain of being alone. God did not make your heart to be broken. God made you to be whole and unbroken. God made you to be a vessel into which He pours His presence. In God’s presence this instant, He knows you and He knows your every need. If you will put your life fully into His hands, He will fully mold you and shape you into His image of love. 

Let me remind you that God is with you and He hears your every prayer He never sleeps nor slumbers as He holds your every tear. As days seem overwhelming and pain just fills your night. Remember that you’re not alone You’re always in His sight. When troubles seem to have no end and strength is fading too As a born-again believer You have no fear, you’ve been set free Christ paid the price for you.There is no way that you can fail,  though battles fill your day For Christ has said that He alone will always make a way. When you no longer have the strength to cast out all your fear. Just call His name, His holy name and Jesus will be there!

My friends, my heart is with all of you who are going through a difficult time in your life. In one way or another, we all are suffering trials of every kind. I pray that you will take to heart the message that the love of Christ will never fail you. Be blessed and stay in peace. All things are being worked out for your good.

Have a wonderful day in His presence knowing He is always with you. Please share this blog with others and God bless you!