Let the Peace of Christ Rule in your Hearts!

Peace seems to be on everyone’s mind, which is nothing new. We want a peaceful world, a peaceful home, and a peaceful workplace – a peaceful life. I know people who would give everything they have for a few minutes of peace. Peace is an inside job and can only be found in one place – a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When we know Him, we can experience and know peace.


“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts….”~ Colossians 3:15

Peace is the condition of wholeness and the sense of well-being that comes from knowing God and being made right in His eyes. Peace is completely dependent upon His presence in us, and His gift of eternal life. We come into this world with an ache in our soul, a longing in our heart and a deep sense of being lost. When we find God, we find home. Peace immediately takes up residence in our hearts, and we are eternally “found.”

How is the peace level in your life? I know that we live in uncertain times and can often fall prey to worry, doubt and fear. We don’t understand what is happening or why. Solutions seem scarce while problems multiply. What should we do? Stop! Take a deep breath and remember who you are and whose you are. As a born-again believer, you are a child of the King, my dear friends, and He is fully aware of your circumstances. Where you are is no surprise to Him. God often allows His children to be cast into a fiery furnace, but His hand is always on the thermostat. Stand firm in your faith and choose peace.



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