Expanding of the Kingdom of God

First, let me ask you this question.  Do you currently consider yourself and see yourself as a citizen of the celestial city, the Kingdom of God , now or in the future? I pray you answered, “now” because it is now that we are saved that we are members of heaven! It is also “now” that we begin working to expand the Kingdom of God!



These days in the churches we have lost ourselves in denominations and lost the fact that we are all Christians!  We are all a child of God! We are all here to glorify Him!  Many have joined the church but never have become saved or become members of heaven.  I love my church but I love the Kingdom of God more!  No denomination is more important than another when it all comes down to it… we are all members of heaven if we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. We all bleed red together.  


For the expansion of the Kingdom of God, first it has to begin with us!  It’s starts with me! It starts with you! 


Prayer:  Father, please enlarge your Kingdom in me and take me to the borders to expand your Kingdom! 


The Kingdom began when Christ was born.  The day our King came to this earth given to us by our Father and His.  In order to begin working to expand the Kingdom, we first have to obey the King.  True obedience to the King is when you become truly a citizen of the Kingdom.  We also have to obey the gospel and have total faith in Christ Jesus. 


We are given three valuable tools to complete our assignment to expand the Kingdom.

1. We have a voice.

2. We are given the way~ Jesus!

3.  We are all given an assignment.


We have been given these tools because when we are truly a member of the Kingdom of God, we don’t want to go to heaven by ourselves.  We desire to spread the gospel and bring as many as we can to heaven with us.  I want to take everyone I can with me, don’t you?


With our ‘Voice’, we should pray and we should never hold our tongue when we have the opportunity to use our voice to talk and share about the love of Christ and his gift of salvation.  We are the voices in the wilderness! 

 When knowing the ‘Way’ which is only through Jesus, it doesn’t matter what denomination we belong to; it only matters that there is only one way to the Kingdom and that is of course through Jesus.

 Our ‘Assignment’ is to make a path straight to Jesus, leave no road blocks, including denomination but so many other blocks are out there that need to be moved in order to complete our task.  We need to make the path clear and take away anything that will block us from our assignment.


The Kingdom of God was never intended to be a secretive Kingdom.  It was never meant to be stationery, but always moving!  We are to use our voices every opportunity we have to expand the Kingdom. 

 Expanding the Kingdom begins by reclaiming ground, helping the broken, sharing the Word, performing miracles.  (Matthew 10:7)  The Kingdom was meant to produce power and experience Christ Jesus because there is power in His name!  Some churches you see experiencing praise, good sermons, but never the experience of Christ which is what we need above all: One on one experience with Jesus.

“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as is it in heaven”… that means now people!  When attending a truly good church where the people praise, worship, hear the Word AND experience Christ Jesus; that is when heaven and earth meet together and collide. That is when we truly become the “church” and not a building and not a particular denomination, but in unity we become Christ’ church.  A church building is merely an outlet to expand the Kingdom and experience Christ Jesus and any church that ‘contains’ the Kingdom is in opposition of the Kingdom and those churches you need to run from immediately!  

Kingdom minded people always exist for reaching the next generation.  Are you a Kingdom minded person?  Does your church reach out to the community?  Do you reach out to your family and friends? 

In summation, Kingdom expansion begins with these four things!

  1. Us (you and me) My life is an extension of the Kingdom and nothing that I have belongs to me, but it all belongs to God! 
  2. Church – No longer a member with rights and privileges, I am a citizen of the city of God.
  3. Family – I must take the Kingdom of God to my family in my home!  I must be childlike and reach my family with the Kingdom.  Teach them and guide them.
  4. Community – I must take the Kingdom of God out into my community.  We don’t take our community to the Kingdom, but we take the Kingdom to the community!

The one true thing we can do to show the love of God and the gift of salvation from Jesus and to expand the Kingdom of God is to preach the gospel to everyone we come in contact with daily!  Do your part today and share this with others!  Spread the Word!


Scriptures to read:  Isaiah 54:2, Matthew 10:7, Matthew 2:1-2, Matthew 3:2-3, Acts 1:6-11, John 1:49-50, John 14:26, Luke 17:21


Seek first the Kingdom of God!

Sometimes we get too focused on the blessings instead of God. When I think of this verse my first thought is I seek God first and foremost in my life. We shouldn’t be serving Him thinking what will He give us, instead our attitude and mindset should be God how can I serve You today, how can You use me. Do you see how it takes the central focus of I and instead puts it back where it belongs on Him.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” ~ Matthew 6:33

You never have to worry about missing out on a ‘good thing’ if you set your heart on putting God first in your life. He has promised that a life filled with good things will come automatically when you put God, His Word and His will first in your life. When He is your focus and your top priority, good things will always be added to you.

However, this promise needs to be believed and acted upon by faith, just like any other promise of God. The only reason Christian’s don’t see good things added is because they yield to worry and fear. They cease seeking God and try to work things out their way and in their own strength. If you fear missing out on a good thing and act in fear, guess what, you will miss out on a good thing.

Relax in God and trust with all your heart that He knows your address. It is impossible for Him to lie. Believe His promise that those who seek Him will lack no good thing, trust Him to keep His Word, and you will have every good thing that God has planned for you.

Friends I can’t tell you enough how much I ask God for His desires to be mine. Some would say well, why do we need to do that? Do you remember how the apostle Paul put it dying daily(1 Corinthians 15:31 ). Friends by dying daily we ask God to show us His desires and to have Him mold us. As it is written be not conformed of this world, but be transformed( Romans 12:2 ). To me seeking Him first means denying myself which what a surprise is part of being a disciple of Christ( Luke 9:23 ). It is realizing it is not about you, it is all about Him.

Have a wonderful day as you stay focused on Him.




Set Your Minds

  “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” – Colossians 3:2

Even Christians can get out of focus in their daily lives. It would be nice to assume that everyone watching porn, everyone that buys drugs, everyone that is engaging in so many ungodly activities each day, were simply “the lost”. But unfortunately that is not the case.

Many good, saved, churchgoing people get caught up in the things of this world because they have allowed the temporary, short-term allure of sin to capture their mind. They have focused on the things of this world instead of on the things of God. For most, it happens slowly over a period of time. But by continually focusing on the things that this world has to offer instead of the things of God, they have ended up on roads that they never thought they would be on.

I am not telling you that you should stop having fun. I am however, issuing a warning to you today that when you start focusing too much on the things of this world and not enough time on the things of God, you are inviting major problems into your life. Remember, in the world, there is no right or wrong. There is no absolute truth. Again, that is why I encourage you daily to stay in the Bible, because God’s Word IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH. IT IS RIGHT AND WRONG.

The world’s goal is to be politically correct and not to offend anyone. The truth in God’s Word is highly offensive to many because it lays out clearly what is right and what is wrong, and those living in rebellion to God are then reminded that the freewill choices they have made are not in God’s will. I guess my question for you today is, are you more concerned with pleasing the world, or pleasing God?????

Caring about the things God cares about means that we will work for the eternal benefit of those around us. We will sacrifice our time, our talents, and our money to encourage and support others. We will focus on the needs of those around us, rather than on our own needs. We will desire to be known by our love, rather than by our bank account, our intellect, or our physical appearance. We will live a life of service rather than selfishness, of giving rather than greediness.

Let me close today again with a simple question, is your mind focused more on the things of this world or the things of God? Pray about that today.