Forgiven people forgive people!


Forgiven people forgive, because they are eternally grateful for the grace of God’s forgiveness in their heart. They are keenly aware that outside of Christ, they are cursed to a cycle of unforgiveness—lost in their sins. Thus, the Lord raised them up forgiven, so they in turn can forgive. Forgiveness on earth flows from forgiveness in heaven. It is something to be passed on today, not to be stored away for some unique future occasion.

“And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” ~ Ephesians 4:32


Unforgiveness encroaches on the health of our relationships. Its cancerous affect eats away at our enjoyment of God, family and friends. Do you hold a grudge that has a hold of you? Does resentment hang over you like a bad dream, only you never wake up? This level of emotional upheaval is no way to live for the Lord. His will is not for you to be preoccupied with people who have stolen your joy and hindered your fellowship with Jesus. Forgiveness frees you from the bitter taste of bitterness and replaces it with the sweet taste of grace. Thus, forgive like you’re forgiven.

True forgiveness is sincere and all-inclusive. We are not in the position to judge who deserves forgiveness and who does not.. One test is to ask if you are tender-hearted or hard-hearted toward another. A hard heart has yet to be broken by heaven’s caring crush, it may take extended adversity to soften your heart to forgive.

Why wait in anxious resentment when you can be freed today from hatred and relational apathy? What if you forgive someone and they are unresponsive and unrepentant? You cannot control another’s response, only your own. Trust that the Lord is working and that your humble and sincere example will begin a work of grace in their heart. Love and kindness tear down walls of anger—grace and forgiveness build bridges of hope. Satan’s destructive deception is exposed and destroyed in the face of your forgiveness.



Please share this blog with others and I pray with all my heart that it will help to encourage another in the Lord and His love for us all!



Have you ever had someone who frequently made remarks or did things to hurt you? Where you found yourself resenting that person and feeling sorry for yourself because you had to put up with their cutting remarks. Such things are known as abuse, and can quite ruin one’s day! Where you cried out to God and said “Lord, how can I handle this?” I want to live peacefully with everyone but it’s hard not to answer back. And when I don’t, it sort of lays on me like a rock!” Where it was hard to not to harbor resentment and anger toward this person. But,you knew if you did that, it would rob you of peace and perhaps cause you to respond unkindly.

If this has ever happen to you this passage in Proverbs 15:1 came to my mind: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Then it made me think of Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount about how to deal with those who hurt us. Let me encourage you to instead pray for this person and seek God’s help in being especially friendly and thoughtful toward them.

I have found that love is God’s answer to hostility. What? You maybe saying. Me love that unpleasant person who hurts me? Yes!!! The Lord Jesus gave this recipe in Matthew 5:44. First, he told us to love our enemies and bless them. This sure runs against our earthly grain, doesn’t it? But the Lord can help us do that. And here’s how: Jesus also tells us to pray for our enemies.

Pray for others who have hurt you, the Lord will help us realize that something in their background has probably contributed to the way they speak and act. Often they are miserable people. This should give us a feeling of compassion for them and makes it easier to forgive and pray for them.

The Lord also told us to return good for evil. As we do this we will see God at work.