God is Bigger than your Problems and Bigger than Fear!

Fear always presents itself much bigger than it really is. It’s always the worst-case scenario. It always tries to get you worried, anxious, uptight and panicked. Fear’s goal is to separate you from God by trying to get you to doubt His Word. Have a wonderful day as you remain in the presence of the Lord.

 “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1


So when the spirit of fear comes, recognize that it has no power unless you give it power. Don’t give it power by speaking what fear speaks. Don’t give it power by meditating on it. Instead, let the power of the Word of God rise up within you. Declare what God says; declare that God has given you all authority in heaven and earth. Declare that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.


Remember, no matter how big fear presents itself, it’s no match for the power of Almighty God. When you yield yourself to Him, you tap into His power. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. God is bigger than your problems and bigger than fear. Let faith rise up in your heart because faith is the victory that overcomes the world.



Dear Lord, we thank you that You are much bigger than any of our problems. You are bigger than all our fears and foes. Enable us to remember that your grace abounds to us and at all times. Thank you, Jesus. Amen and Amen.


For when I am Weak, then I am Strong!

The apostle Paul stated that when he was weak, then he was strong. This concept seems foreign to our independent human natures. After all, we feel that when we are weak — we are vulnerable, we are in great danger, we are less than, and we are most certainly foolish for having gotten ourselves into such a situation. Therefore, it is hard for us to admit we are weak, even to God, our Creator and Savior.


God invites us to come boldly to Him, seeking for His strength in time of need. Like trees filled with delectable fruit, the entire landscape of Scripture is planted with encouragement for those who seek God’s strength and guidance.

We all want to striving to be a strong Christian, but we have grown weary at times. When we grow frustrated, He will gently remind us that we have been working in my own strength.

More and more I have come to understand that His grace, and therefore, His strength, is available to me at all times, in all situations it’s not because I have been strong and wise and earned it, but because in love, He bestows His grace and favor upon His beloved children.

He will bring you again and again to those Scriptures which tell us to let Him be our strength, even when it appears that “We can do it!” It will feel like we are learning to walk all over again, and we are, because we are learning to let go of our own determined power and learning to lean into His strength. When we forget this, He will remind us that it is okay to fall and get up to try again because, “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.” Psalm 18:32 

Have a wonderful day in His presence knowing that His strength is available to you at all times. Please share this blog with many and I pray it reaches the Lost and Hurting!

Bet Bold with Your Prayers!


Did you know it pleases God when we pray bold prayers and ask Him for big things? The God we serve doesn’t want us to just barely get by in life. He wants us to thrive and experience the fullness of His blessing. He wants us to not only have our needs met, but be in a position to reach out and help meet the needs of others, too! It’s time we all get bold with our Prayers!

“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession” ~~ Psalm 2:8.

When we ask God for something, a supernatural door is opened. We are showing our faith in Him, and faith gives God something to work with. In fact, scripture says that without faith, it is impossible to please God. He wants us to come to Him and know His goodness. He wants us to believe that He is good and that He has good things in store for us.

Today, I encourage you to get bold with your prayers. Ask God for big things. Believe that He is working behind the scenes on your behalf. Put your faith to work because God is faithful. He has big things in store for you and promises to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you can ever imagine

Have a wonderful day in the presence of the Lord.

You Can Overcome the Lie of Satan!

In my walk with the Lord and helping to minister to others I have seen many Christians fall into the traps that were set by Satan, the adversary of their soul. To fall into a trap of Satan simply means we believe a lie about ourselves, and we, therefore, remain in bondage to a demonic stronghold. A lie of Satan becomes a stronghold the moment we believe what he is telling us about a situation or a condition we are facing instead of standing on the Word of God. Remember Christ didn’t come to save us from sin so that we could die in bondage to its power. According to Luke 4:18, He was sent and anointed to set us FREE!!


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Like many others, you may be in a trap of Satan today. Are you fighting a battle against something in your life that won’t seem to let go? Then you need “MORE GRACE.” This is not a cliche’. Instead, it is a truth that can set you free so that you can begin to walk out of the trap. You must not accept defeat. If you are a born-again believer, then Christ will cause you to triumph ALWAYS. The key is to turn to the Lord and submit yourself (including any doubts, fears, or unbelief) you may be holding onto in your heart. God is for you. However, you must be willing to believe and accept this truth before He can give you the power to come out completely.

Just because you have a stronghold in your life, it doesn’t mean that God has abandoned you. The Lord has promised that He would never leave or forsake us. Even so, we must give Jesus our full attention and cooperation in this matter. When the Holy Spirit instructs you to make the first step or to take action, you have to obey His voice and let Him take care of the details. This will require you to submit to Him and trust His instructions at all times. As you take the initial steps, doubt, fear, and unbelief will begin to scream out, “You can’t do this.” Nevertheless, don’t worry; once you obey God’s voice, it’s not you doing the work. It is God’s strength and grace flowing through you.

The more we submit by faith to God’s will and His Word, the more grace He will extend to us so that we can come out of the traps of Satan.

God is Still on the Throne!

  Probably one of the things that comforts me more than anything else during a problem or crisis, is the fact that God is still on His throne. He didn’t get off to take a nap, or go watch sports, or hit the refrigerator. He is there, in total control of all that is going on. That of course begs the question, why does He allow terrible things to happen if He is really on the throne. Remember, God does not cause evil, or encourage it, but does allow it to happen as He did in the case of Job. It was only with God’s permission that the devil was able to do what he did to Job. Why does God allow bad things to happen? Men much wiser than I can argue that one, but I do know one day God will wipe away all sin and evil from this world.

Many of you are facing difficulties in your life today. Unexplained problems. Circumstances that seem to be out of hand. Pressures that are becoming intolerable. Now is the very time to make your faith real. Look to God and ask Him to strengthen you, to encourage you, to give you peace. He knows how to make the heavy burdens lighter, the crooked path straight. Don’t become weak when the difficult times come, be strengthened by them. Let them be times of testing, and honing, and sharpening your faith.

I love you and care about you. I realize that life can be difficult. I also realize that in those difficult times, we can grow in our faith, we can learn to depend on God, we can become real people of faith. Let the difficult times help you to know God in a deeper, more intimate way. Learn to trust the Truth that He is on His throne in control of all things. Take to heart His promise that He will not give you more than you can bear. Learn how to walk through the storms of life victoriously. Be comforted that He will never leave you, never forsake you, never let you down.

For those of you who are in need of a miracle, know I will be praying for you today. Whatever you are facing, never forget this truth. God is on His throne and God is in Control!!!


When Life Isn’t Fair!

One of the common phrases people use is, “Life Isn’t Fair!”  Think for a moment about your own life — those times when you realized that life wasn’t fair. The One that can carry your through life’s unfairness is Jesus and through His Hope! His power, His strength, His Love, will put it all into perspective for you! Why? Because it’s not over for you. Just remember In Jesus, if you’re a born-agin believer we have the promise that one day, we will no longer have to experience life’s unfairness, pain & suffering, because we will be enjoying eternity in Heaven. If you have been handed a tough life or tough experiences, turn it around by giving your life completely to Jesus! Remember, it’s not the end of the story. It will get better. Trust God. TAKE HEART. 

“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal weight of glory that far outweighs them all.” ~ 2 Corinthians 4:17


We’ll always face the inequities of life. The big issue is this: how are you and I going to face the unfairness of life and not give in to bitterness? I think it all comes down to looking to Jesus and trusting in Him and His perfect will, even while admitting that life is very perplexing. Remember how unfair life was for our Savior it took the most unfair act in history, the execution of Jesus, to satisfy divine justice in a world full of injustice. That event made it possible for the least deserving of all-a convicted thief on a cross next to his-to gain an eternity of undeserved happiness. One day the scales of justice will not only balance, but they will be weighted in our favor, all for our good and God’s glory. she is no better than that thief on the cross. There was nothing “fair” about Christ paying the penalty for our sins. We don’t deserve such mercy.

Let me urge you to read this passage today: Philippians 2:1-18. It’s a classic description of how Jesus dealt with the unfairness of life. I want to face the injustices of life as my Savior and Lord did — by being obedient to the Father. And then thank the Lord Jesus for how His submissive life resulted in new life for you.


As we let the mind of Christ dwell in us, we can face the truth that life truly is not fair and yet still be at peace because Jesus helps us overcome anything — including life’s injustices.


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Be Happy with your Life right Now!

I think we would all agree that at some point in our lives, we each struggle with unhappiness, a spirit of discontentment, with wanting more than what we have. We have all those moments where we quiet listening to the Lord. Well, maybe it was more like talking at Him, telling Him what we wanted. Does that sound familair? I hope and pray these messages encourages you choice to be happy. Have a wonderful day being happy right where you are.

“I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” ~~ Philippians 4:11-13 (NIV)



How many times have we said this to God. If He would just give me the desires of my heart, I knew I could be happy. But I have learned in my life that what God wants from us is to Be happy now. If you don’t learn to be happy while you’re waiting for what you want, you’ll never be happy when you get what you want.


Let me encoruage you that happiness cannot be the sole aim of our existence. Living out our purpose by serving and loving others as Christ does is our ultimate goal. When we stop focusing so much on what we want, and focus our gaze on what God wants to do in and through us, contentment follows. In fact, happiness is an external indication of internal contentment.


This realization should stop us in our tracks. The idea that we could choose happiness is refreshing. The first step was to embrace life exactly as it was; in other words, to be content. To count our blessings more, Most importantly, decide to wholeheartedly trust God.


Instead of making the most of our circumstances, it’s easy to lament the fact that things are not where we believe they should be. What if we stopped pushing against what is and learned to embrace our present circumstances?


When that shift is made, it feels like a heavy burden is released from our shoulders. Truly accepting where we are helps us relax and see the good God has in our present circumstances. We cast our cares, content in trusting that all things indeed will work together for our good.


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Waiting on God is never easy!

How often do we want to move to the next thing in our life? However, God’s ways are not our ways. God desires that we add patience to our life. God speaks to us and gives us hope and that hope is what enables us to wait on the Lord. He does not want just our minds to wait upon HIM but also our souls. We must lay down our own ambitions in order to receive the promises of God.


“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, And in His word I do hope.” ~ Psalm 130:5

When we don’t see God intervening to fix our problems or answer our prayers in a timely manner, we begin to wonder if He is just too busy. We wonder if He is ‘overbooked’, with too many people with bigger, more important problems. We begin to wonder if maybe He cares about other people more than us, because it appears He is answering their prayers before ours, and that doesn’t seem fair. We begin to wonder if God is even in, because if He were, wouldn’t we have seen a glimpse of Him by now? We may even begin to wonder if we should try to handle or fix the problems on our own.

Unfortunately this game of idle spiritual waiting can lead to a lot of wondering. Wondering that can lead us away from God, as we focus on our expectations of timeliness, instead of His implementation of perfect timing. Waiting is simply not something any of us want, or like, to do. In fact, our minds are not even programmed to wait on anything anymore, due to living in this land of immediate gratification

Living in this age of instant gratification makes waiting on anything hard to do – especially waiting on God. As we pace around in God’s waiting room, waiting on Him to call our name, we can easily become frustrated with His perceived inactivity and silence, and His seemingly unhurried pace.


Maybe you find yourself in Gods waiting room today. Maybe it is a new place for you, or maybe it is a room you have spent a lot of time in, just waiting. Waiting to see the One who has the authority and the power to fix your problems, grant your wishes, answer your prayers, heal your hurts, ease your heartaches, fill you with peace and make your dreams come true. And that waiting – is hard – yet, during the wait, we can choose whether our minds wander to a happy place, or an ugly place. We can choose to wonder about Gods will and His timing, or we can choose to wonder whether or not His will and His timing matters. We can choose to wonder about how we can stand strong in our faith, or we can choose to wonder if faith is all its cracked up to be. We can choose to wonder about which verses in God’s Word may apply to our situation, or we can choose to wonder if Gods Word is really applicable anymore. We can choose to wonder about how God is going to act, or we can choose to wonder about whether or not He will act at all.

Waiting is not a matter of time, it is a matter of faith and trust. It is an opportunity for us to lay everything at the foot of the cross, and trust God, or to turn our backs on Him and walk away, assuming that since we do not see Him working, He is not really there.
Waiting is at the core of the Christian life, as we expectantly wait to see how He will carry out His will in our lives. It can be an opportunity to build our faith, trust and hope in Him, as we obey His commandment to wait on His timing, and His will for our lives.

Waiting requires trusting that God knows, even when we are feeling impatient. Are you in Gods waiting room today? If so, let your mind wander…..about the hope that can be found through Him; the trust that you can place in Him because He holds the answers to all things; the peace that surpasses understanding; the excitement that you will feel once you can see how God has been sitting right beside you in the waiting room all along; and most importantly, to the perfect timing of His answer when it does finally come.


He Will Wipe Away Every Tear!

This message is for everyone to reflect on. In every life there will be some “dark valleys”. Difficult days cannot be avoided. In fact, the lives of some believers seem to be filled with affliction and suffering. But for the child of God(born-again believer), there is a glorious relief just ahead…the return of Christ in the clouds for His bride the church, and the promise of a land of endless delight!  Have a wonderful day in presence and know that someday every tear will be wiped of away for those who are in Christ.

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will be no more death, or sorrow, or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.” ~~ Revelation 21:4
We live in a world filled with tears and sorrow. And time and time again, in the Scriptures we’re reminded that suffering and anguish are an inherent part of our fallen human condition. So what is our hope? In the midst of so many trials in the tribulations of life, is there a better tomorrow we’re promised?
Well, the answer is, most definitely, yes! God has promised to wipe away every tear from every eye in the life to come. There will be no more weeping, no more pain, and no more sorrow. The old things will pass away and the new will come!
But until that day, every tear we cry should be a reminder of that wonderful promise. And while the pain you face today may be real, the hope we have in Christ is that it’s only temporary. Let your heart yearn for heaven today when all things will be made new!

Pay Day is coming!

Pay Day is coming! What we sow we will reap… it can be good or it can be bad. We love to blame someone or something else for our problems. No one else is in charge of your happiness except you! We always think someone else is supposed to make us happy, but that is not the right kind of thinking. God would like you to take this minute and think about this…. what are sowing? Are you criticizing? Are you gossiping? Are you sharing the love of God? Are you passing the tests? Are you forgiving others as God has forgiving you? Are you holding resentments that you need to let go of? Are you making your loved ones the brunt of your own problems? Are you uplifting your spouse? your children? your friends? Are you praying for others or just yourself? Are you complaining all the time? Are you speaking positive words or negative ones? Are you tithing? Are you asking God to help you to go out sow the right seeds or are you just doing what you want daily? Are you reading the Word of God for direction and wisdom? Start there and start praying!

You can radically change your life by the way you live your life, the way you think, the way to you talk, but it all starts by learning from God how to live, think and talk. God will help you and teach you and mold you into the person you were always designed to be. Retrain your brain! God is there to guide you and he is your hope and strength. Don’t give up for in due time you shall reap if we do not faint or quit! We may not come the way we think, but Pay Day is coming!