Devotional for the Day

John the Baptizer was in prison. He heard about the things Christ was doing. So John sent some of his followers to Jesus. John’s followers asked Jesus, “Are you the man that {John said} was coming, or should we wait for another man?” ~~ Matthew 11:2-3 (ERV)


As John faced the struggle of his life, he maintained his integrity and faithfulness. His motivation was to simply know for sure that Jesus was who John believed him to be. He was not afraid to face death or doubt as he sought God’s truth and lived God’s life with commitment. Nearly all of us go through periods of doubt or struggle with difficult questions about our faith. Struggle with difficult questions, in and of itself, is not wrong nor is it something to be feared. Christianity has withstood the criticisms, scrutiny, accusations, and doubt of centuries of our world’s best thinkers and harshest skeptics. The issue with these kinds of struggles is faithfulness in our ministry, holiness in our lifestyle, and honesty in our motives. As we work through our struggles using these three areas of integrity, we will find that our doubts and questions move us toward faith rather than toward disbelief. The biggest issue with struggles and doubt occurs when we break faithfulness and Satan can unleash a chain of consequences that weaken us spiritually. So in struggle and doubt, remember these three things: faithfulness in our ministry, holiness in our lifestyle, and honesty in our motivation.


Prayer for the day: O Lord, God of the great expanse and my Abba Father who adopted me in grace, please help me. Give me courage to face my doubts. Empower me with strength to face my struggles. Give me a heart that depends upon the Holy Spirit’s guidance. O God, I want to honor you with my behavior and my choices. More than just knowing the truth, dear God, I want to know you and to display your truth in my life. In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.