Don’t be anxious about anything!

The Word of God is still very applicable to our lives today just as it was then. As you see the Apostle Paul wrote do not be anxious about anything but to bring them to God in prayer. Another words friends it doesn’t matter how big or how small it is take it to the Lord in prayer. Our Heavenly Father wants to be taken into all the secrets and longings and desires of our heart. He wants no desire hidden from Him, but every desire turned into a prayer.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” ~Philippians 4:6


In some people’s life something little may come up and they may say hey it’s nothing big so who cares. The truth of the matter is God does care. The scripture says to cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us( 1 Peter 5:7 ). It doesn’t specify the type or when, it just says to cast them upon Him for He cares. Remember we serve the very author of love for God is love( 1 John 4:8 ). Instead they try and handle the situation thinking hey its small I can handle it. Before long the small problem grows and then they are crying out to God saying why God why. They are asking the right question of course they are usually asking Him why is happening to them instead of why didn’t I seek you first. God will never get mad if we come to Him about little issues. Remember God desires a deep intimate relationship with you. He desires those who seek Him. Friends when you make your requests known to God, ask believing He will answer your prayers( Matthew 21:22 ). In addition you notice it says with thanksgiving. This means thankful. So when we bring these request to God not only should be all things to Him, but we should thank Him. Thank Him, knowing that He has answered your prayer. Remember God knows our deepest need. Despite how things may seem at the time God has everything in control. Friends I encourage you as you walk with God to tell Him about your day. Let Him know about all that troubles, big and small. Believe me He loves you( John 3:16 ) and He will meet your every need, just seek Him first( Matthew 6:33 ). Take the time to get to know the Master. Get deep in His Word and grow in Him. Don’t conform yourself to this world, but instead identify yourself with the standard, Jesus Christ.

Have a wonderful day in His presence and God bless you.