In 2008 I was in a drug addiction rehabilitation center. I heard from a counselor that the majority (90%) of people who are in addiction are also the victims of much loss! Loss of loved ones mainly but there are many types of losses that affect us.

Well, as time has gone by, I have observed many who are dealing with losses. I see the pain, I feel their sadness and at times even their bitterness. Many immediately blame God. After all He is the one in charge, right? And yes, we all know death is imminent and that no one lives forever, but we also believe when a loss comes our way that it wasn’t the right time. (“They were too young”, or something the like.)

I have also noticed that our loved ones and friends aren’t able to console and comfort us. They try. They love us, but at times they say the ‘Wrong Thing’. One of the worse is to tell a person still mourning, to stop. No one can put a time limit on your time of mourning. And please Understand this, they just want you to be happy again. From their point of view, they see you still hurting and mourning, they love you and thus they want it to end. Have compassion for them because they hurt too.

Losses are not easy sometimes even unimaginable and our human lack of understanding and knowledge as to “why” can and will drive you crazy if you allow it.

God cries with us. It may seem so difficult to imagine that since he allowed this loss to your life, but he is all knowing and sovereign. We must trust him even when we don’t understand as hard as that may be. And know he cries right along with us. He comforts us. He strengthens us. He shows us signs and wonders that gifts to console us! He loves us.

Let God heal your losses today!