Imitate God and live a life filled with love!

Loving and being loved is what make our lives worth living. Many people experience times in their lives when they feel unloved. During these times it’s easy to dwell on those negative thoughts, but allowing it to continue leads to unhappiness and depression. Love is the energy of life. It is what motivates people to get up each day and keep going. Love gives life purpose and meaning. Everywhere you look you see people searching for love…but they’re looking in the wrong places. God is love, and they will never find what they’re looking for until they find Him. Have a wonderful as you continue to imitate God and live a life filled with love. Love you all.

“Imitate God, therefore in everything you do, because you are his children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ.” Ephesians 5:12

God loves us because He wants to—it pleases Him. God loves us because it’s His nature to love, and He will always love us. He doesn’t always love everything we do, but He does love us. God’s love is unconditional. In fact, there’s nothing we can do to ever escape His love. God’s love is the power that forgives our sins, heals our emotional wounds, and mends our broken hearts.

I hope and pray that you realize that you are deeply loved by God simply for who you are, not because of any work you could do for Him, and you could finally quit trying to earn His love by doing things you thought would make you more worthy of His love.

Every day can be exciting if we see ourselves as God’s secret agents, waiting to sprinkle a little salt on all the lives we encounter. And we know that because we are deeply loved by God, we can never run out of love—no matter how much we give away.


Path to Him

I was led to message and to share it with you. Oftentimes, God will use our experiences in life as stepping stones to prepare us for what He has in store next. Scripture tells us that He’ll even take the things the enemy tries to bring against us and turn them around and use them for our good. He is always leading us on a journey of preparation. Have a wonderful day as you allow the Lord to direct your steps. Have wonderful day as you as you reman in His presence and allowing Him to direct your steps. Love you all.

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

That’s why it’s so important to keep our eyes focused on the Lord. We have to trust that when we are submitted to Him—even if we don’t understand—He is ordering our steps. If something is not happening on your timetable, remind yourself, “God knows what He is doing. He has my best interest at heart. God is preparing me.” While you’re waiting, don’t make the mistake of trying to figure everything out. If you’re constantly trying to figure things out, that will only frustrate you. Turn it over to God. Declare, “God, my times are in Your hands. I’m not going to worry because I trust that You are leading me on a journey of preparation for all the wonderful blessings You have in store for me.”

Precious Lord Jesus, we love You. Your word says: “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps .” (Proverbs 16:9) Therefore, I pray that no matter what our mind plans–no matter what anyone else plans for us–that YOU, Lord, would direct our steps and make them sure. Send us some encouragement while we’re waiting on You, but don’t let us settle for less than Your best! In Jesus precious name. Amen.

Can I Trust God?

The Psalmist says “Lord, you are all powerful and completely trustworthy.” Having a hard time trusting God? Take a look at history. Everything your heavenly Father has ever promised has come to pass, just as he said it would. Even during those times when you didn’t understand His working and the things He has allowed to come into your life, His actions have been for your good to grow you and protect you and bring you closer to Him.

“Lord God All-Powerful, who is like you? Lord, you are powerful and completely trustworthy.” Psalm 89:8

Ask yourself this hard question. “Is He worth the risk?” One time in Jesus life many of his followers became disillusioned and left Him. Jesus turned to his disciples and said “Are you going to leave too?” To that question Peter said “Lord, where else is there to go? Who else gives us the things you have given us?”

When we look at God’s working in the past; when we honestly evaluate His present work in our lives; I believe there is only one answer. Trusting God is worth the risk. He’s proven Himself time and again and even during those times I don’t understand His actions, I have to admit there is no one else I can turn to.

One last thing. Turn the tables for a moment. Imagine God asking the ‘trust questions’ about you. Have you been consistent in your history or do you constantly fail? Have you made promises you couldn’t keep or had no intention of keeping? Do your actions match your words? If you were God would you be ‘worth the risk?’

Jesus says, “Yes. You are worth the risk. You failed. You are failing. You will fail in the future. But you are worth the risk of my love.” And he proved His love for you by dying on the cross to forgive your sins.

“Each person should remain in the situation they were in when God called them.”

All too often we tend to think that the answer to our problem is a change in circumstances. We think that a better job; more money; a different spouse (if you’re married) new friends; moving to a better location; changing churches – or transforming some other external factor in our favor, would bring about a vast improvement in our situation. But this is the view of the world.. and Paul is refuting this popular notion that a change in circumstances will solve all our problems – for this is frankly not the case. In this passage below Paul encourages each one of us to remain in the place where God has put us, while seeking to live our life in humble obedience to the Word of God.. and to the greater glory of His holy name.

“Each person should remain in the situation they were in when God called them.” 1 Corinthians 7:20
We are to resist the idea that the externals of life contribute to our inner joy; godly contentment; spiritual growth and His perfect peace in our heart. And although Paul does not discourage us from making improvements in our external circumstances – his earnest plea is that we concentrate on our spiritual advancement.. not growth in our financial bank-account or a long list of Facebook ‘friends’ – for we were bought with a price and our calling is to give honor to the One Who purchased us.
Whether we perceive life’s-circumstances to be good or ill; socially fair or socially unfair; just or unjust; easy or difficult; encouraging or humiliating.. the issue is that we were bought with a price.. and however good or bad we perceive our situation to be, we have been purchased by God.. Who has seen fit to put us where we are – for a particular reason. That purpose has its roots in obedience to the Lord Who bought us. It has its fruit in a person that remain true to their heavenly calling and it is manifested in a life of faithful obedience – a life that is lived to the glory of God – a life that faithfully fulfills its heavenly calling.
As believers we are: called into fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ, and we do this through living in spirit and truth. We are to be led by the Holy Spirit of God and not influenced by our earthly circumstances. As God’s children we are called to enjoy inner peace and not internal turmoil. We are to: let the peace of God rule in our heart – to which we are called… Abiding in Christ and resting in His inner peace is the heavenly calling for every believer – no matter what situation we may be in.
The answer to every question in life is Christ, for it is only in Him that we have true contentment and lasting joy. The free-man should recognize that he is a bond-servant of the Lord, while the slave should rejoice in his freedom in Christ regardless of His chains – for we are bought with a price and should not become slaves of men. We were bought with a price – the precious blood of Christ Jesus our Savior.. and in Him we have the mind of Christ and should not be influenced by the world’s thinking, their philosophies, their mind-set or their world-view.