FRAN HOPE JOHNSON Article written by my friend about my artwork and ministry!


“Remember, if God promised it, he is going to bring it to pass.”

Fran Hope Johnson

She is in the best ages her beauty is timeless. She is a woman but she stands up for the whole world. She is a hope and she colors the lives of all of us, with love, good vibrations and optimism. Fran Hope  Johnson is a devoted wife and mother, active member of the Church, soul inspirer and artist with a great potential. Her work is not just a work but also a mission that has brought Fran to the studies of Psychology in Christian Counseling and to the cofounding of Lost Sheep Ministries.

It is amazing to follow her spiritual genesis, through the highlights of belief, family love and brilliant emotional intelligence. There are not so many people gifted to share their deepest thoughts and experiences the way that Fran does. Her talent to rule the right words in the right moments and to comfort the broken is something that we cannot learn in expensive courses. She was born to heal people’s wounded souls with her own rainbow. This noble and humble woman gives all praise to the Glorious Father that has directed her to the destined places and people. However, when we see her paintings and the marvelous design of her spirit that has kissed the canvas and fascinated the visitors of gallery Art&Soul of Aiken in South Carolina, we desire to find out more about this Fran Hope Johnson.

Fran, could you tell us how everything started in your creative life? Did you first attach yourself to religion or to the art?

I started drawing when I was a young child copying Tony the Tiger off the cereal box. My mother and father were generous enough to allow me to take private art lessons in our small town. As I Grew Older and started to go to college I decided to major in art and go to the Atlanta Institute of Art. Unfortunately, I did not have enough confidence in myself to believe that I could be successful in this area so I reluctantly gave up. It was not until I met my husband who encouraged me to pursue my gift that God has given me and that was to paint. As far as the question about that I first attach myself to religion or to the art I don’t really know how to answer that question because my gift of artistic ability was given to me by God and I’ve always known that.

What is exactly the project of The Lost Sheep Ministries?

Kurt and I began this ministry because there are so many people that don’t attend church and will probably never set foot in a church but yet need the love of the Lord and the Forgiveness of the Lord and the salvation of the Lord thus while we join with other Ministries and other churches to make God famous and to let people know that Jesus loves them. The Parable of the Lost Sheep is one of the parables of Jesus. It appears in the Gospels of Matthew (Matthew 18:12–14) and Luke (Luke 15:3–7). It is about a shepherd who leaves his flock of ninety- nine sheep in order to find the one which is lost. This is our mission!

Do Americans start being more religious after the conservative policy is back in the White House?

That is another strange question I do not know how to answer. I do not really care about politics that is not my bag but if I had to say anything about it, I would say that I am extremely glad that evangelist and Christians got out and voted. I believe that Trump will help America more than any president has since Reagan. I believe Americans need to return to Our Roots we need to turn away from the World Views and get back to God’s view we were founded in God and in the Bible and we must return back to it! We must trust in God!

How do you understand obstacles in life? Do we need to have more trust in God?

Absolutely! That look at obstacles like this when an eagle knows that I storm is about to approach they prop themselves at the top of a tree or mountain or some high position and wait for the Winds of the storm to come then when the storm arrives they spread their wings and rise above the storm that’s exactly how I feel about obstacles I know that God has a plan and it is good and that he will work all things together for good.

When you think of your own mission, what is it exactly?

My mission as far as my artwork goes is to touch a part of someone’s soul and their heart and hopefully open it up to receive the love of Jesus that’s my mission in life as well as in my artwork. I pray I bring a ray of hope.

Your paintings are exposed in one local gallery. That is a work of maestro. What is the dominant topic in your art?

I don’t know if I have a dominant topic but I will say that I love to do seascapes because when I’m at the beach that is when I feel the closest to God. I love to paint other things as well such as feelings that I had when the love of the Lord was given to me thus some of my artwork reveals and reflects the love that God has given me. I am inspired by Him.

The people’s reactions are good. Do you consider international sale of your paintings?

‘Yes’ is the answer. Everyone needs hope and to know who they are in Christ Jesus.

Please advise us about the methods of ordering and getting some of your creations.

You may reach me on Facebook at Fran hope Johnson Community page and I will be glad to help you with anything that you would like to buy or commission me to paint.

What is your next step?

To continue to paint for the Lord and to hopefully begin speaking at Women’s conferences and churches as well as any other events where I can speak about the love of the Lord the hope that he has placed in my heart. I would like to share my testimony with anyone and everyone that is willing to let me speak hoping that it will touch someone’s heart and that they will know just like me that it is possible to have joy and peace in your life while still living on this earth with all the evil here.

Fran, what is your message of support for the broken souls around the globe?

There is Hope! No matter what is going on in their life and no matter what has happened to them in their life there is always hope a redeeming hope in Jesus Christ that will deliver you from anything in this evil world. Along to share the hope that Jesus has placed in me so that other people can have the joy and happiness that I have because it only comes from Jesus and Jesus alone people will disappoint you and feel you but Jesus never will.I believe sharing our testimony of how God has worked in our lives is so very valuable to others. It helps me and I pray that sharing my testimony will help another! So here it is….

My testimony:

I was adopted at 6 months old by two wonderful parents and raised in a Christian home. I began to make poor decisions in my teenage years by having premarital sex and drinking and smoking pot; I guess to fit in with society. I moved from a small town in SC to the big city of Atlanta, Ga. when I was 19 years old. I continued to have sex with my boyfriends and partying which led to cocaine which really began in high school. I always said that I was just a social user. I went to college back in SC at age 22 and still continued to party. At age 29, in 1993 I got married and I had two awesome and wonderful children, a boy and then a girl. This relationship did not make it long. In 2001 we divorced and I had two small children to rear on my own. My ex cheated on me and six months later married to his third wife. We never committed ourselves to God, to put Him first in all thing and I believe this was where we went wrong in the first place.

During the ten years or more of raising my children, I acquired my own home and car and career and was doing well, but always struggling to make ends meet. My ex did not help and did not even see his children much at all. I dated and lived with a man for seven years after my divorce hoping to fill that void in my kid’s life. I was wrong. He was not a good example for them to follow and for that matter neither was I. We partied and continued to progress in that partying until about 7 years later, we broke up and I was devastated yet again by a man. I made the worse decisions ever after he left. I began to experiment with cocaine and tried it in every way possible and got hooked. Within six months, my life was over. I lost my home, my kids, my career, my car, and my freedom! I was in a county jail and was headed hopefully I prayed to rehab and not to prison. But in the lowest point of my life is where I not only found God, but got to know Him and truly was saved.

I have had many trials and much turmoil and so much to deal with since leaving rehab and jail; from a disturbed young man stalking me constantly, trying to get visitation with me kids and then fighting for custody, walking away from friends as well hurting and disappointing my family from the poor choices I had made prior. I was homeless a few times and jobless for months. I lost my mother after the divorce in 2002 and my father in 2009. I have had more than my fair share of bad luck and yet somehow I always seemed to survive and get through those times. I know without my faith and trusting God I would not be where I am now. I am now happily married and I am painting for the Lord. I am an overcomer! I am grateful and faithful because I know my God is always working even when we can’t see it! We don’t see the other side of the mountain we are climbing, but God does! I trust Him to provide and find a way where there seems to be no way. Seven years ago I filed all the necessary paperwork to regain custody of my children and now my daughter is living with me again and my son is 22 now and visits pretty regularly. Never give in, give out or give up~ For with God all things are possible! I am a recovering addict and a very grateful one at that…almost ten years now. God is still working in my life each and every day. He puts people in my life that I help and ones that help me. I am never surprised by his love and blessings. God has placed a confidence (Godfidence) and love in myself that I have never had before so “Thank you God” for the many ‘True Blue Christians’ you have put in my life and for all the blessings you bestow on me daily. I have not come this far without lots of prayers and the help and love of my true friends and family and I thank you Father for those special people in my life and the strength you.

Romans 8:28 Amplified Bible (AMP):”And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose”.


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Jesus is a safe harbor

I am a follower of Jesus. I am a grateful delivered woman who was once an addict, but now God has restored me and renewed me. I have been redeemed and remade by our Creator through salvation of His Son, Jesus Christ! I just want to share what God has done in my life that you may have the opportunity to experience the same joy He gave me. I give God all the glory for everything in my life for I couldn't accomplish anything apart from Him. If ye shall know the truth, the truth shall set you free, John 8:32. He puts people in my life that help me and gives me the opportunity to help another. I am never surprised by his love and blessings. God has placed a confidence and love in myself that I have never had before… so "Thank you God".. for the many True Blue Christians you have put in my life and for all the blessings you bestow on me daily. I have not come this far without lots of prayers and the help and love of my true friends and family and I thank you God for those special people in my life. You are 100% my Savior! I will forever have your name on my lips. I realize now with lots of prayer and reading of the Word… that all the answers were here for me and I never asked the questions. Although I still struggle daily with other life’s daily cards that are dealt, I have an attitude now of “NO MATTER WHAT “– I will praise You, Lord~~~through my storms and my triumphs! I have much more to share and would love to answer any questions anyone may have for through all my trials what has come to be is that I want to help others to see what I didn’t see and hopefully prevent the same hurts, guilt, shame and woes that I had to deal with and give them the best gift of all… JESUS! I believe it's important that we know who we are in God ... We are a one of a kind and God has made us like no other for a purpose- His purpose. Yes, bad things happen and yes, we make poor choices, but we don't have to continue to make them. God's mercies are new each day. Once we realize, know and most importantly believe who we are in Christ, that we are a child of God, we are not an accident, and whatever the circumstances before us each day no matter what they are... God gives us the choice and the power of Him to choose right and live right. We no longer have to live in the past, but in the present and look with expectation to the future with God by our side guiding us and directing our steps. He is our strength and our hope needs to reside in Him. Let his power and love work in your life today and see that life does not have to be the way you are living now. He wants to help you, but you have to let him. He can't make us come to him, he is not lost - WE ARE! Please share this blog with others to encourage them for the glory of God! Ministry: Lost Sheep Ministries on Facebook

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