“Trust in the LORD forever.”


We cannot know the thoughts and intents of God, but we can trust that He loves us and that His way is perfect to accomplish His will. We are mere sinful humans without the foresight to know what His will accomplishes or to know the whys of our sufferings.  We must endure, because we have placed ourselves in the palm of His hand so that He might exercise His will over us. Have a wonderful day as you continue to put your complete trust in the Lord. 

 “Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.” Isaiah 26:4

Trusting in God is one of the hardest things to do as a Christian. Trusting in God is vital to our spiritual lives. When we open up to our Lord in belief we will experience the amazing ways that He opens up to us. The more we trust Him the more He rewards us and reveals Himself to us. When we trust in God to come and make our life new, we need to be ready for Him to come and do just that. If we want to see miracles, we need to believe in miracles.

If we want to see God move in our life, we have to trust Him to move in our life. When we truly trust the Lord with all our hearts, we finally give Him the freedom to minister to us without getting in His way. We are retaining control over our situations by not trusting Him.

God asks the hardest thing from us; to abandon our common sense, close our eyes to everything around us, put aside our knowledge of earthly reality and logic, and trust Him. He is trying to help us grow in our faith, and in order to do that He continues to raise the bar a little bit at a time. As we grow spiritually, He asks us to believe more. God wants us to trust Him and continue trusting Him. We need to continue trusting regardless of what is going on around us, even if things seem hopeless. 

God’s desire is that we take that one leap of faith to trust Him with our life. When we take that leap, He is finally able to wrap His arms around us. We need to go back to that place where we have unquestioning faith and believe as a child. God wants to give us a full and abundant life, but He only asks for us to believe 100% in Him!


2 thoughts on ““Trust in the LORD forever.”

  1. Thank oyu dear friend,

    Isn’t it interesting the the terms “trust” and “FAITH” are interchangeable in this lessons discourse….

    For those of us struggling with trusting completely our Lord and GOD, pray for FAITH….. AMEN~

    Continued Blessings


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