Always Pray and Never give up!

Good day to everyone!  I was led to this message for everyone to reflect on and wanted to share with you. 

This parable is a lesson in faith by reminding us that persistent prayer has a direct correlation with our faith. This widow would not take no for an answer. She was persistent in her petition and eventually she was given her request. So too must we learn to be persistent in prayer, especially when we know what the will of the Lord is in the manner. Thus, the Lord will give us our petition, yet HE will often wait a long time before HE gives it to us in order to see how long we will be persistent in our prayers. Have a wonderful day as you remain persistent in your prayers. Love you all. 


“One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show them they should always pray and never give up.” Luke 18:1


In Romans, we are told that faith comes by hearing an d hearing by the word of God. When we understand what God would have us to do, then we must do it. Just because the results are not what you desire them to be, this does not give you the grounds to reject what you have been told by the Lord to do. When things are not going according to plan, this is the time that you need to fall on your knees and be persistent in prayer.


When was the last time that you really were persistent in prayer before God? Were you praying day and night, waiting on God to give you the desires of your heart? There are some petitions that the Lord will answer immediately. However, while quick answers to prayer will increase your faith, there are times were God desires that you be persistent in pray for a long period of time so that your trust and reliance in God will be firmly placed.


Persistent prayer needs to be part of your every day life. Just because you do not see God answer immediately, this does not mean that your prayer is not being heard or that God does not intend to answer it. It is important that one engrosses themselves in the word of God so as to ensure that they know what the will of God. When one knows the will of God, then they need to be prepared to be persistent in prayer. They must be willing to hold fast onto the promises that the Lord has given them. Satan will bring many a storm to try to get the believer to doubt. Satan desires to cause you to grow faint in your request at prayer. God knows just how far HE can stretch you. God desires to grow your faith, as such, do not faint, do not grow weary, do not allow Satan to throw doubt into your path. Instead, be persistent in prayer and watch God answer your petition as you are persistent in prayer.


Let God Carry the Load!

We have all experienced situations that seemed impossible to handle at the time. It may have been a financial challenge or a bad report from the doctor. When things seem hopeless, and you feel you are at your worst, that is the time to turn to God and seek Him with everything you have. You may feel that you are alone in your circumstances, but God is a very present help in times of trouble. 
Although it would be great if the Lord would perform some sort of magical transformation of the tough circumstances you and I face, that just isn’t reality. However, the Word of God is your way out of any situation. Because God’s Word is infallible and contains burden-removing, yoke-destroying power, when you can meditate on it, and speak it, you will see changes in your life. While the facts about your situation may look bleak, the truth found in God’s Word brings light, hope, and deliverance. 
What I want you to grasp is the fact that Satan wants to influence how you feel. When you allow the pressures of life to influence your emotions in a negative way, you will most likely make decisions and take actions that will keep you stuck in your present situation. Because of this, it is important that you give more attention to the Word than you do to what is going on around you. Get in the Bible and meditate on the Scriptures that speak to your situation. Allow your feelings to be governed and controlled by the Word so your decisions and actions can lead you in the right direction. In life, you will experience good and bad moments. 
That reality is never going to change. Christians, and non-Christians alike, will experience both. But God will be there for you through it all. Joshua 1:9 declares, “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Perhaps you are facing a situation in life and are wondering if God is going to show up. You may not understand every detail of God’s plan for you, but when you believe in your heart that God loves you, feeling like you are fighting your battles alone will soon fade. When you have confidence in God, you will trust in what His Word says about your situation. He is not some impersonal “being” in the sky who is disconnected from the day-to-day realities in your life. He knows just when to step in and assist you when you need it most. Cast your cares upon the Lord, and don’t try to carry the load yourself. He wants to help. 

Only One Thing is Needed!

Only one thing is needed. How difficult it is to learn this lesson! Martha meant well, and so do we oftentimes. There are a thousand things that call for our attention each day. There are obligations to fulfill, schedules to be kept, and people to be pleased. But in the midst of all these things, do not forget that only one thing is needed. Have a wonderful day as you sit at Jesus’ feet and here His Word. Love you all.

“but few things are needed–or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Like 10:42

A promising career is not needful. The approval of peers is not needful. A well-padded retirement account is not needful. Even the affection of family members is not needful. One thing—and one thing alone—is absolutely essential.

What could possibly be that important, in every culture and for every person? Jesus tells us: it was exactly what Mary has chosen. The one thing that is needful is to sit “at Jesus’ feet” and “hear his word” (Luke 10:39).

We must make time in the busyness of our daily lives to spend at the feet of Jesus, submitting ourselves to his will and opening our hearts to him in prayer. We must be willing to say “No” to the countless distractions that threaten to pull us away from him throughout the day. We must hear his word, which he has shared and preserved for us in the Bible.

Communion with Jesus Christ is not just part of Christianity, it is Christianity. It is not just part of life, it is the only life that matters. It is the purpose for which you were created and it is the only thing which shall not be taken away from you by disaster or even death.