Am I not good enough?

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage”, right? (Maybe not the baby at age 52…my age now lol) Or at least this is what you’ve been taught since you were a little girl.

In your mind you know something is not right. He is fully committed to you, he says he loves you and wants to be with you only. So why can’t he take your relationship to the next obvious level?

He doesn’t want to get married. He doesn’t want to get married. Yet. And at some point you can’t seem to think about anything else.

He Doesn’t Want to Get Married. WHY?

Does he actually love me like he says he does?

Is he waiting for a better option?

Am I giving my heart to someone who will eventually break it?

Am I doing something wrong?

Am I not GOOD enough?

Before You Know It, These Questions Start Destroying Your Relationship.

I know, because I’ve been there, and it almost killed my relationship with the love of my life.

I was so in love. I knew this was the only man I’d ever want to be with and I was sure he felt the same way about me. But when the marriage proposal didn’t come, I couldn’t help myself and asked him what’s going on. He told me he wasn’t ready for marriage yet.

He had many excuses – His career, not knowing what he wants to do with his life, fear of getting hurt and what not.

He asked me to wait. To stay with him because he loves me so much and “everything will be o.k.”.

I agreed and swore to myself to put it aside for a while.

But I couldn’t. The more I tried to stop thinking about it, the more I became completely obsessed with him not wanting to get married.

I analyze our relationship to death, trying to figure out what could be missing for him. I analyze myself to death, trying to figure out what’s missing in ME. It has broken my heart and it broke my spirit for a moment.  I was convinced I was just not good enough – For him and maybe for anyone else.
Don’t allow this to happen to you please! I finally said “No More! I matter! I am God’s beloved” You can say the same too! Talk to your mountain!

Jesus is the only one who loves us the way that fufulling and complete.  God will then in turn complete you on earth with the companion of His choosing! Be patient to wait on God’s best!


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Jesus is a safe harbor

I am a follower of Jesus. I am a grateful delivered woman who was once an addict, but now God has restored me and renewed me. I have been redeemed and remade by our Creator through salvation of His Son, Jesus Christ! I just want to share what God has done in my life that you may have the opportunity to experience the same joy He gave me. I give God all the glory for everything in my life for I couldn't accomplish anything apart from Him. If ye shall know the truth, the truth shall set you free, John 8:32. He puts people in my life that help me and gives me the opportunity to help another. I am never surprised by his love and blessings. God has placed a confidence and love in myself that I have never had before… so "Thank you God".. for the many True Blue Christians you have put in my life and for all the blessings you bestow on me daily. I have not come this far without lots of prayers and the help and love of my true friends and family and I thank you God for those special people in my life. You are 100% my Savior! I will forever have your name on my lips. I realize now with lots of prayer and reading of the Word… that all the answers were here for me and I never asked the questions. Although I still struggle daily with other life’s daily cards that are dealt, I have an attitude now of “NO MATTER WHAT “– I will praise You, Lord~~~through my storms and my triumphs! I have much more to share and would love to answer any questions anyone may have for through all my trials what has come to be is that I want to help others to see what I didn’t see and hopefully prevent the same hurts, guilt, shame and woes that I had to deal with and give them the best gift of all… JESUS! I believe it's important that we know who we are in God ... We are a one of a kind and God has made us like no other for a purpose- His purpose. Yes, bad things happen and yes, we make poor choices, but we don't have to continue to make them. God's mercies are new each day. Once we realize, know and most importantly believe who we are in Christ, that we are a child of God, we are not an accident, and whatever the circumstances before us each day no matter what they are... God gives us the choice and the power of Him to choose right and live right. We no longer have to live in the past, but in the present and look with expectation to the future with God by our side guiding us and directing our steps. He is our strength and our hope needs to reside in Him. Let his power and love work in your life today and see that life does not have to be the way you are living now. He wants to help you, but you have to let him. He can't make us come to him, he is not lost - WE ARE! Please share this blog with others to encourage them for the glory of God! Ministry: Lost Sheep Ministries on Facebook

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