God Knows Your Path!

A Safe Harbor is Jesus

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Good Morning everyone I was led to this message about how God Knows Your Path. David was in distress but he understood that God saw him every step of the way. It did not matter how difficult things became – God was with him. David had a heart after God’s own heart. Because David sought the Lord, he understood that when things became difficult, God would always show him the way that he should go. It does not matter what is going on around you, you need to turn your attention back to God. Set your mind upon things above so that HE can make your paths straight. Put on the mind of Christ and add virtue to your life so that your life might be pleasing to God. Do not get mad at the trials that you face, instead, focus your attention upon God and watch as HE shows…

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God wants you to be Joyful!

A Safe Harbor is Jesus

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When his back was up against the wall and he was feeling distressed, David had to encourage himself in The Lord. There are moments in our lives that we must be like David. This morning, take a minute to speak victory to every test and trial that you are going through. Then ask God to show you where to go from here. David asked The Lord shall he pursue because he recognized that his next move could make him or break him. He needed to know what God had to say concerning his situation! Don’t make another move in your situation until you seek the face of God. Recognize that timing is everything. Don’t allow anyone to force you to move before time! Get in the face of God and you will not be disappointed or deceived!photos of my life til oct 2014 4369