God wants you to be Joyful!

no condemnation

5 thoughts on “God wants you to be Joyful!

  1. So true! I lived in darkness and depression until I opened my heart to Jesus and asked for healing. Now I understand how I had given access to Satan and his demons to enter my heart and life, and allowed my joy to be stolen. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the things I was doing that opened those doors, and then filled me with grace that took the desire away for those things. Praise God!


    1. I recently asked the Lord a prayer to open my eyes to see things more clear and Boy did he ever open my eyes and still is and sometimes in other areas that I was not even expecting or looking for I will see Him move! I am grateful that his infinite mind is in Control! You know? LOL
      God bless you!
      Thank you for lovely words!

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    1. God’s favor and blessings shine upon you Patrick. You have my prayers in whatever it is that you are going through. I know that our prayers are heard and answered for good!
      Take Care and find me on Facebook.
      Fran Worley


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