God is Able…. Trust Him!


 If you are going through a difficult time right now, perhaps God intends to use this trial to teach you to overcome it with His help. We can choose to doubt and be in despair, or ride the wave with confidence—not in ourselves—but in God alone. One of the most common questions asked of Believers is:  “How can anyone be at peace when the world is crashing down around us?” When peace cannot be found, doubt creeps in. Circumstances often dictate our feelings. Waking up to the morning news is enough to put thoughts of despair and fear into the heart. Does God even care about what’s going on? If He does, why doesn’t He do something? Doubt, insidious and deadly, causes the faint of heart to lose hope. Forget the platitudes that we overuse to comfort the hopeless. They are just salt on the wounds. Let us embrace the impossible…God is able (2 Timothy 1:12). That is why we must put our trust in God who is more than able and not in our feelings.

wave 2

“But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.” ~  James 1:6

It is easy to look around and see the seemingly unsolvable problems. Anyone can do that. Believers, we have the Lord God Jehovah, the Creator of the Universe, fighting for us! If we will but our trust Him for the outcome to our woes and trust Him for sustenance through the trial, we will have perfect peace. When doubt in God’s love and power start to take over your thoughts, you must stop them. They are lies straight from the pits of Hell. Think, who gains if you walk away from our Lord?

The Bible says we can control our thoughts. It takes diligence and practice to close our mind to lies. Too often we choose salvation and forgiveness of sin with the promise of eternal life with Him, but we reject His lordship over us. If we can trust Him for our eternity, why can’t we trust Him for our daily life?  His ways are not our ways the Bible teaches us in Isaiah 55:8-9:

We cannot know the thoughts and intents of God, but we can trust that He loves us and that His way is perfect to accomplish His will. We are mere sinful humans without the foresight to know what His will accomplishes or to know the whys of our sufferings.  We must endure, because we have placed ourselves in the palm of His hand so that He might exercise His will over us.To get our hearts and minds set on Him, we must pray, not necessarily for understanding, but to be able to submit to His will, trusting Him for the outcome. The fight is much larger than our own interests. Let us not allow Satan to rob us of our reward in heaven through doubt.


Please share this blog with others and I pray it will encourage others in their walk with Jesus!  God bless you!


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