Trust in the Lord!

trusting god girl falling

The more you know God, the more you will trust God. What is there not to trust? He is completely loving, wise, powerful, and good. But it is one thing to express a belief in God, and another to actually trust in Him with all your heart. Trusting the Lord with all your heart means walking out, by faith, on His Word, no matter what consequences or opposition you may face. Have a wonderful day as you continue to trust in the Lord with all you heart.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding ~ Proverbs 3:5

Trusting God wholeheartedly also means resolutely refusing to lean on your own understanding. This, of course, does not mean that we are to give up the sound mind and reasoning spirit that God has given us. But it does mean that we are not to rely on our limited knowledge, experience, and emotions to guide us safely through life.

The question to ask yourself is this: do you trust God in precisely those places where your natural inclination is strongest against His leadership or direction or commandments? When the Bible clearly spells out His counsel, will you take it regardless of your personal preferences or preconceptions?

It is precisely at those places where we are least inclined to listen to or follow God that we are most able to show our devotion to Him and our trust of Him. Is there an area of your life today in which you have opportunity to trust in the Lord, rather than in your own understanding?


Keep on Believing! Keep on Shining!

We can all relate to this at one time or another in our walk with the Lord where we felt defeated and disappointed, where we believed that God would intervene on our situation, and we felt let down when He didn’t. There are times when we are too quick to throw away our faith when we’re faced with disappointment, because our prayers aren’t answered the way we expected. Hebrews 10:35 (NLT) says: “Do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord, no matter what happens. Remember the great reward it brings you!” Sometimes it’s very easy for us to remain doubtful and discouraged when you had prayed against something happening. But if you are determined to shake off your doubts, and to reach out for a miracle in the face of apparent defeat, God will honor your faith by working wonders for you if you keep believing.

Keep believing

“Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear; only keep on believing.” Mark 5:36 AMP

In Chapter 5 of the Gospel of Mark, a man named Jairus asks Jesus to come heal his dying daughter. Before they reach the man’s home, they are met with the news that the girl is already dead.

This account is a message of hope and encouragement to those of us who have trusted the Lord for help, but have been met with disappointment and defeat. When the Lord tells us to “keep on believing,” He’s basically saying: “I know things look bad right now, but don’t lose your faith in Me. Give Me the opportunity to reveal My presence and power in the midst of this apparent defeat.” I believe that these “apparent defeats” are some of the greatest opportunities we will ever have to witness the miracle-working power of God in our lives. It is when you believe the Word of God regardless of the circumstances that you can break through and see God bring life to your situation.

What circumstances are in your life right now that the Lord might want you to apply this message to? Ask Him today, promising Him your willingness to trust Him, even in the “hopeless” situations He doesn’t want you to give up on. May our declaration of faith always be—“But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise You more and more”! (Psalm 71:14)

God is our Comforter, Sustainer, and Lord!

doubts and anxious

Only His gracious presence and tender blessings can bring consolation and comfort to our restless and discouraged souls. So let’s turn to the Lord, honestly confessing both our sins and our sorrows. Let’s ask Him to take our anxiety away and restore to us the passion, the joy, and the confidence of our salvation. Have a wonderful day in His presence. Love you all.

“When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.” Psalms 94:19

God created us for peace and joy. But doubt is a reality we all face. Uncertainly, apprehension, distrust and confusion are part of our everyday life. None of us are unscathed. Life is full of ambiguity, but God has made us resilient. His presence and power gives us the comfort and strength we need to bounce back from doubt and painful emotions. The Psalmist says it plainly. When doubt fills our mind, God’s comfort gives us renewed hope and cheer. Today, come to God. Lean on Him. Tell Him your concerns, worries, fears and nagging doubts. Pour your heart out to Him. He cares and He will comfort you. He will bring you back to hope and joy.

If you’re confused, and are filled with doubt, remember He will never let you go – ever! I would ask you to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, lean not on your own understanding. He works through others in your predicament whom He will send to assist you, He will give a vision or a Word to another which will guide you, He will speak into your heart and guide you in that way – He will lead you – rest assured! He is not a God of disorder, He is a God who has those who love Him with all their heart and have enough faith and trust in Him that He will do what He has promised in His Word, close to His heart and in His mighty hand! Don’t give up – ever!

Come to God today with all your doubts, fears and concerns. See your self before Him. Does He care? Will He make a difference? Sense the doubt in your heart. But in your mind, come closer to Christ. See His face, See His nail scarred hands. Sense His heart full of love for you. Give Him your doubts and misgivings. Today, know deep in your heart that Christ is alive and He wants to fill you with all the hope and joy you can hold.

God Speaks of Things that don’t yet Exist as if they are Real!


Have you ever looked at your life and thought, “This is hopeless”? Maybe the doctor said there was nothing else they could do or the papers from the lawyer said that the divorce was final. Perhaps the bills were overwhelming and the job went to someone else, again. If you’ve ever had that moment of, “OK, now what?” today’s verse and message is for you. Have a wonderful day trusting completely in God.

“…the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.” Romans 4:17b

Earlier in this passage Paul reminds us of the story of Abraham. God promised Abraham that he would be a father of nations even though to Abraham (and to people he told!) it must have seemed ridiculous. Abraham and his wife were well past childbearing age. It just didn’t make sense. How was this going to work?

But as it says in this passage, God brings impossible things into being. The ERV translation even describes God as one who “speaks of things that don’t yet exist as if they are real.” We know how the story goes: Abraham became a father of nations, just as God promised. I wonder what his friends said when they heard the news?

Things that are unthinkable for us are not unimaginable to God. That can be hard to get your head around, especially if you’re a planner who likes to know how it’s going to happen. God doesn’t always tell us the how, but He does tell us over and over that we can trust Him. When you feel doubt and worry creep in, lean in to God. As you get to know God better it becomes easier and easier to trust Him, even when you’re starting over from scratch.

Stand Firm in your Faith!

When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill, When the funds are low and the debts are high And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest, if you must, but don’t quit. More, now than ever before, you need to stand firm in your faith. With all the corruption in this world and temptations alluring us away, you need to stand firm. These times we live in now are so difficult. But no matter what the world says, no matter how right it may sound, we need to stand firm in the faith.

“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous! Be Strong!” ~ 1 Corinthians 16:13
stand firm

There are times when you want to give up and give in. There are pressures from the forces of darkness trying to twist you and turn you. The power of evil lurks behind you and whispers in your ear. The power of evil tries to directly crush your spirit with an in-your-face assault. However, at this minute, as you read these words, Christ Jesus is standing next to you. Christ pours out His spirit of strength, encouragement, and sustaining power upon you.

At this very minute, as you read these words, Christ Jesus is calling upon you to hold fast and not give in. Jesus knows the reality of Heaven is just ahead of you. Jesus can see the golden rays of heaven made ready to wrap their splendor around you. Your crucial battle in this present darkness can be won not only by your human will, but also by turning your human will toward God’s will. There are many costs to standing firm for Christ. However, there is no cost greater than the cost He paid for you upon the Cross. Because He did so much, He knows you can stand firm and never ever give in.

No matter what life may throw your way, don’t quit looking to our Lord for your strength. Today in prayer, thank Jesus that in Him you can stand in faith and never be shaken.

Waiting on The Lord!

For you and I to grow as believers, we must learn to wait on the Lord. When we surrender to His timing, He does mighty things in and for us, according to His will and His timing. God acts on behalf of those who wait for Him In other words; we must allow His timing—not our own agenda—to guide our lives. That way, we can experience His very best. Have a wonderful day in His presence as you wait on His perfect timing. Love you all.

“For since the world began no ear has heard and no eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for him! ~ Isaiah 64:4
God's plan over power your circumstances

God has a plan for each one of us and wants us to know what it is. Every time we take a step of obedience, He sheds more light on our path. But sometimes He asks us to pause awhile, and we may not know why. We long for direction in a particular matter, but our prayers just aren’t being answered, and we wonder, Why does He delay?

When you aren’t seeing any answers, it doesn’t mean that God is not working. He’s still actively involved in your life, but He works in ways that are not always visible He orchestrates circumstances, changes people’s hearts, and protects His children from making hasty decisions that will have disastrous consequences. Perhaps the Lord knows you’re not yet ready for the next leg of your spiritual journey. Waiting times are opportunities for growth in character, obedience, and faith. He may also need time to train you for future responsibilities and ministries.

When you intentionally choose to be still, God unleashes His mighty power on your behalf. My prayer is that we would learn to wait on His answer—and do it joyfully. Why? God’s Word says that He acts on behalf of those who trust in Him. No, He doesn’t promise to give us everything we want. But when you and I watch for His provision, it will come—every time.

Stop Worrying About Tomorrow!

Worrying about tomorrow is time wasted it consumes us with fear and we find it difficult to trust God How do you do we avoid this everyday? We need to get down on our knees in the morning and ask God for strength to make it through the day. We can’t think about tomorrow, we all need His help today. Have a wonderful day as you cast your cares and worries on the Lord.

“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” ~ Matthew 6:34


Through life’s journey there are many things that come that can be so overwhelming that we wonder how we are going to make it. Whether it’s raising children, financial difficulty, job loss, hurt from loved ones, sickness, death, or sometimes the busyness of life, the thought of the future can be very gloomy. Sometimes we are placed in situations where we can truly say that we are walking by faith and not by sight. Looking through our eyes, the road ahead seems very long and hard with no end in sight.

Throughout it all, we must remember that God is able to renew and restore. As He strengthens us daily, He is building our strength for the next day and the weeks and months ahead. We must remember that it is His strength that takes us through the trials and the adversities of life.
God will completely get us through any situation; we just have to have faith in Him. God will give us strength to get through the trials of today but He does not want us to worry about tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, He will give us strength to get through that day. God wants to instill in us a sense of HOPE for what he will bring us to tomorrow. Wouldn’t you prefer to HOPE instead of worry? We need to be reminded that every morning when we wake up we need to thank God for giving us strength to get through the day and be hopeful about what the next day will bring.