For when I am Weak, then I am Strong!


The apostle Paul stated that when he was weak, then he was strong. This concept seems foreign to our independent human natures. After all, we feel that when we are weak — we are vulnerable, we are in great danger, we are less than, and we are most certainly foolish for having gotten ourselves into such a situation. Therefore, it is hard for us to admit we are weak, even to God, our Creator and Savior.


God invites us to come boldly to Him, seeking for His strength in time of need. Like trees filled with delectable fruit, the entire landscape of Scripture is planted with encouragement for those who seek God’s strength and guidance.

We all want to striving to be a strong Christian, but we have grown weary at times. When we grow frustrated, He will gently remind us that we have been working in my own strength.

More and more I have come to understand that His grace, and therefore, His strength, is available to me at all times, in all situations it’s not because I have been strong and wise and earned it, but because in love, He bestows His grace and favor upon His beloved children.

He will bring you again and again to those Scriptures which tell us to let Him be our strength, even when it appears that “We can do it!” It will feel like we are learning to walk all over again, and we are, because we are learning to let go of our own determined power and learning to lean into His strength. When we forget this, He will remind us that it is okay to fall and get up to try again because, “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.” Psalm 18:32 

Have a wonderful day in His presence knowing that His strength is available to you at all times. Please share this blog with many and I pray it reaches the Lost and Hurting!

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