Don’t Let Your Hearts be Troubled!


Wow this seems simple, doesn’t it. Don’t be troubled … you already trust God, trust His Son, too. I recently read a beautifully articulated theory of something that really made me think about. The author spoke of their belief that God creates us, each of us, with an incompleteness, a yearning for Him. Think  of it as a “God-sized hole.”  I think everyone has a God-sized hole in the center of their life.  If we recognize the magnitude of it, and seek God to fill it … to take His rightful place in the center of our life … we have some hope of peace here. Have a wonderful day trusting in God. 


“Do not let your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God; trust also in me.” ~ John 14:1

God has left clues literally everywhere in our world that point to His majesty and to His dominion.  And, if we aren’t astute enough to pick up on the obvious visuals, He has a backup plan.  He instills each recipient of His Spirit with an insatiable desire to pass on the gift of hope in Him. Still, there are those who refuse to listen. They are doomed to a life of attempting to fill the hole with ill-fitting pieces.

When you’re stuffing substitutes for God into the hole, whether it’s money, or food, or cars, or worry, or whatever … your heart is troubled.  These false things can’t bring you  a lasting peace and never will.  They serve only to whet your appetite for more money, or food, or cars, or worry … or whatever.

Trusting in God, and in His Son Jesus Christ is the only remedy. If you will accept that, believe it, and trust it with your whole heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you everyday … the missing puzzle piece that will seamlessly fill the hole and allow you to be complete. I love that!  Without the missing “piece,” we can have no “peace.” So think about that today.


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