Jesus goes before us….

“I go to prepare a place for you.” – John 14:2

Do you believe that there is a home in heaven waiting for you? There is! Because Jesus cannot lie. He is Truth incarnate. He always told the truth. He said, “if it were not so, I would have told you.” Jesus would not let the hope of heaven go on beating in your heart if it were simply a lie, a superstition, or a fond delusion. Heaven is not merely a state of mind. It is not a condition. It is a place so real that Jesus is there in a literal, resurrected body. There is a body in this place called heaven. It is His resurrected body. Heaven is a place on God’s map. Do you have a dream home? If you’ve never thought about what would be your perfect home, think about your heavenly home. Nothing could be more perfect!


She considered God Faithful!

When you are going through trials – especially severe and prolonged ones – it can be tempting to give in to doubt and discouragement. But if you remember that a lack of faith can rob you of God’s best, you can cooperate with Him to resist weakening and wavering in your belief.  One way you can do that is to study how God’s people in the Bible stood firm in difficult times, and received the miracles that He had for them. 


 “And by faith even Sarah, who was past childbearing age, was enabled to bear children because she considered Him faithful who had made the promise.”  Hebrews 11:11

If you’re going through a very long trial of your own, seek the Lord about how you could stabilize your wavering faith. The words in this passage “she considered Him faithful” will cause you to came alive in your spirit, and you will began to understand what the Lord is saying to you.  If you would make a quality decision to believe that God was indeed faithful – to His character, His Word, and His promises – your faith would hold steady so that you could receive the blessings and rewards He had in store for you.

The Bible makes it clear that Sarah’s situation looked hopeless.  She was well past the age of childbearing, and yet God had promised her and Abraham a child of their own. To her credit, “she considered [God] who had given her the promise to be reliable and trustworthy and true to His word.” (Hebrews 11:11 AMP)  And as a result, she saw the fulfillment of His promise to her.  

I don’t know what difficulties or heartaches you may be facing right now, but I can tell you this:  If you will trust in the faithfulness of God, you will see Him move heaven and earth to bring His very best purposes to pass in your life.  Today, join with me in declaring – “I refuse to doubt my God!”

Wings for Times of Trouble!

God knows that the journey of life is not always easy. His Word is full of stories and grief of people who suffered pain and sorrow. This psalm speaks honestly about the challenges of life. How often must we also deal with struggles? How often do we feel powerless when faced with situations that seem to have no happy result? How often do we wish to turn to someone who can help us in a situation that seems impossible to resolve? Or, as our verse implies, how often do we just want to fly away? 


“Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest.” ~ Psalm 55:6

The psalms speak to all the emotions of the believer’s heart. These are not always happy emotions: people who follow Christ still feel the pressures of life in this world. In fact, the psalms help us honestly express our faith. We can pray the psalms, recite the psalms, and sing the psalms. We can cry out to God, using their words. They offer a voice of praise, but also of grief. The Bible, God’s Word to us, is versatile for any occasion.

As born-again believers we will experience both highs and lows in our lives. The psalms can give us the words necessary to speak to God in every situation. Our heavenly Father wants to hear from us always, even at our worst. He’s big enough to hear anything we have to say.

Have you “cast your cares on the LORD” today? “He will sustain you.”

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Jesus~ the same yesterday, today and forever!

We must keep our eyes on Christ, our ultimate leader. Unlike any human leaders, He will never change. Christ has been and will be the same forever, in a changing world we can trust our unchanging Lord. I know God is God, and He always will be God.’ We often try to dis-engage ourselves from the spiritual way of thinking – seriously! We tend to think the way man thinks; after all, we are still in the flesh. The Spirit within us keeps prodding our minds, wanting us to relinquish our whole being to the Lord. But, we keep overriding the Holy Spirit and go on our merry way. And, we get in trouble! 

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” ~ Hebrews 13:8



The enemy would have us think that we don’t need God, that we can do anything on our own. And, some believe his lies. We have to guard against the enemies words by keeping the Word of God closely in our hearts. God is always God, but, we sometimes get complacent in our spiritual lives. This is when the enemy steps in, gets your mind all muddled up with the world’s way of thinking, and you find yourself headed down the wrong path, and don’t know how you got there.


God never changes. He has always has been, is, and always will be the same. It’s us that change. We go on, day to day, either walking with the Lord, or going on our separate ways. We don’t realize we’ve separated ourselves from God, until we come across a problem that’s too hard for us to handle. We need help, so we turn to God. He’s there waiting for His children to come to Him, to sit at His feet, and learn of His ways. When He chastises His children, it’s because He loves us. He has always wanted the best for His children, from the time of Adam and Eve in the garden, until today. He never changes!

If you’ve become complacent, found yourself not growing, or perhaps completely separated from God, why not call His name? He is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He loves you as He did the first day you called upon Him to save your soul. He wants to be FATHER in every facet of your life. He can give you the peace you long for, and the love you may never have had. No matter how much you change, God is always the same. He LOVES you!

God Sees and Understands Your Pain!

God knows in great detail the your suffering. He understands the pain and sorrow acquainted with grief and loss. He understands because He is all knowing. Furthermore, Jesus endured suffering, and experienced pain, even the pain of feeling abandoned. And because God is with you always, He knows that you are hurting. He sees your pain, and hears the cries of your heart. You are not alone in your suffering; He is there for you.


The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry. ~~Psalm 34:15

God cares very deeply about you, and is attentive to every detail of your life—even those things that burden your heart. 1 Peter 5:7 says that you should cast “all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.” Isn’t it comforting to know that God Almighty cares about you! It may seem like your life has been shaken to the core, but His love for you is never shaken. “‘For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, but My lovingkindness will not be removed from you, and My covenant of peace will not be shaken,’ says the Lord who has compassion on you” (Isaiah 54:10).

No matter how bad things may seem God is in control. Nothing happens without His knowledge. Matthew 10:29-31 says, “Not one sparrow (What do they cost? Two for a penny?) can fall without your Father knowing it. … So don’t worry! You are more valuable to Him than many sparrows.” If God’s eye is on the sparrow, He’s most certainly watching you. In the midst of sadness and uncertainty, His hand is there to guide you; His strength is there to support you. You are never out of His reach.

Doubt seeks to destroy our faith!

This message about how Doubt seeks to destroy our faith. When this happens It is in our discouragement—even despair—that we begin to question God. “What did I do wrong?” “Lord, did you call me to this place of confusion?” “Where is my joy and hope?” “Are you even real or just a figment of my imagination?” Left to its natural conclusion, doubt crushes our faith in Christ. 


“Are you the one who was to come, or should we expect someone else?’” ~~~~~~~ (Matthew 11:2–3).


Fortunately, faith does not have to take a furlough when we are frustrated and fatigued. It is in your confinement that Christ wants to remind you of His great power. So cry out to Him in your confused circumstances, and He will earnestly listen in love. “In my distress I called to the Lord; I called out to my God. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came to his ears” (2 Samuel 22:7). He does not leave His loved ones alone and in doubt.


It is okay to be in doubt, but it is not okay to remain in doubt. What doubt challenges your faith in God? Is it His provision, His promises, His presence, His character, or His care? When these questions assault your confidence in Christ, take a step back and review His track record.


Furthermore, use this temporary time of distrust to go deeper with Jesus. The pressure you feel on all sides is your Savior’s way of soliciting your attention. When in doubt, seek out the Lord, learn to love Him completely, and discern more fully His profound promises. Use doubt to dig deeper into the truth of Scripture; marinate your mind. “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him” (Psalm 34:8).

When in doubt, stay steadfast in seeking out your Savior. Wait on Him, especially when you wonder what is next. Where there is true faith there may be a mixture of unbelief; so remain faithful, even when questions manipulate your faith. Perseverance will one day free you as a stronger and more-committed follower of Christ. See Jesus for who He is. Doubt dissolves in His reassuring presence. Doubt starves to death when it is not fed.

God can make up for wasted time

God can make up for wasted time. He specializes in redeeming rough seasons in our lives. What has become a torturous transition, He can use to love you into a closer relationship with Him. Maybe you wondered where the Lord was in all this reversal of fortune. You were on the fast track to bitterness because of your feelings of betrayal. You may have hit rock bottom, and now there is nowhere to look but up. Look up to Jesus. He is your hope, your rock, and your refuge. Look up to the Lord even though He may seem a million miles away. Trust God during this time of turmoil. God wants to back fill your loss.

“He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.” ~~Psalm 40:2

In Christ, your best days lie ahead. Submit to His healing. Let go of your hurt and pride, hang onto Him. He is the best thing you have going for you. Let these failures forge a stronger faith in you. Face the fact that you are forgiven and move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit. Lean on the Lord. He can handle it. He is your stability in this storm of insanity. God is there for you to rebuild your reputation, and to give you daily doses of hope and encouragement. Your eruption of raw emotion will grow you into a more sensitive and compassionate follower of Christ.

He has brought you through this crisis of faith to allow you to coach others through the same. You are a living and breathing testimony of the grace and love of God. Project His faithfulness on other fledgling followers of Jesus. Let the Lord back fill the hole in your heart and life with His love and faithfulness. His filling of right attitudes and actions will bar the door of your mind from bitterness and backstabbing. Invite the Holy Spirit to back fill your soul with His fruit of love, joy, peace, self-control, purity, forgiveness, and humility. What God fills proves faithful. What God fills, He controls and comforts. Use the lessons of the past as a reminder for the Holy Spirit’s filling in the present. His back filling results in faithfulness going forward.



God’s Grace is Sufficient for you!

Someone has said, “God always answers our prayers, either by giving us what we ask for or by giving us something even better.” In Paul’s case, God gave him something even better. Paul was afflicted with what he described as “a thorn in the flesh” — it was something that caused him constant pain. It was such a deep-felt difficulty that he took it fervently to God in prayer, three times pleading to have his suffering taken away. The verse below is God’s answer to Paul. Have a wonderful day relying on God’s grace to be sufficient for you in every circumstance. 


“My grace is sufficient for you: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”–~~ 2 Corinthians 12:9

But how was this an answer to prayer? God didn’t remove Paul’s painful burden. In fact, God told Paul that he wouldn’t remove it at all. But God’s answer to Paul’s prayer was even better: my grace is sufficient for you. Notice God didn’t say, “My grace is sufficient for this difficulty;” God said “My grace is sufficient for you, Paul.” Paul asked for deliverance from one ordeal, but God guaranteed him grace for every trial, throughout his life. And, although Paul would still experience much suffering, God reminded him that this simply gave him an even greater opportunity to exalt the name of Christ. My strength, God declared, is even more evident when you are helpless. Therefore, this struggle is an opportunity for you to fulfill your purpose as a Christian, more than you ever could in a pain-free life.

My friends, rest assured that God’s grace is still sufficient, and that His power is still being manifested through the difficulties you face in your life. What a marvelous answer to prayer this is!

He must Increase but I must Decrease.

his is one of the shortest verses in the Bible. In its shortness, it speaks volumes of how we are to mature in the Lord. In these seven words, we find powerful instructions on growing in the Lord. As we grow in the Lord, there will be indicators of our growth that are evident in our life. The best and most effective way for growing in the Lord is to first allow self, pride and lust to decrease. God will permeate everything about you as you allow Him to increase.



 “He must increase but I must decrease.” ~ John 3:30

We desire more of God in our lives but are not always willing to let go of ourselves to make room for any more.  It is a bit un-nerving for most of us to totally surrender ourselves. There are so many things we want to remain in control of and to hold on to. Even un-pleasant things we seem to cling to simply because we have become so accustomed to doing so. 

Total surrender is letting go of everything. Immersing our heart and soul completely in the will of God with the understanding that things may not always go our way. God has given us life and it is ours to choose whether or not we will decrease so that God will increase. Will we trust completely or will we take our lives by the reigns and press forward on our own?  If our choice is surrender, we then have a responsibility to serve God with our entire being and to trust His decisions and judgments. We must be willing to take a giant leap of faith and trust that He will catch us with His loving arms.

Anything is Possible if a Person Believes!

All things are possible to him that believes  This is a promise of God for us to treasure and apply to our lives. This promise is for anyone. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God is able to perform mighty miracles that we do not experience because we do not live in faith believing that God can do the impossible through us. We do not get so desperate with our situation that we are ready to completely rely upon HIM and HIS power and HIS might. Have a wonderful day believing that anything is possible if you believe. Love you all in Christ. 


“What do you mean, ‘If I can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.” ~ Mark 9:23


Those who life a godly life have daily fellowship with HIM. The more time that they spend with God, the more they understand who HE is and what HE desires to do through them. If you understand who God is and HIS will for your life, you should not be afraid to ask HIM to open the doors of heaven so that you might see the fulfillment of HIS desire in your life.



All things are possible to him that believes. If you really believe God’s promises to you, would you live your life any different? If you believed that God wanted to do something special with your life, are you willing to change what you do so that HE receives the glory?



Until you are ready to let go of your life and completely trust God, you are not ready to see HIS miraculous hand. Until you are willing to trust God completely like Abraham did when he was ready to sacrifice his only son, you are not ready to see what all God can do through your life.



God parted the Red Sea, HE brought the walls down of a strong city, HE brought fire out of heaven, HE raised the dead, and HE loved you so much HE sent HIS only Son to die for your sins so that you can have perfect fellowship with HIM. Do not forget the power of what God can do through you if only you believe.