Trust the Lord and do good!

Why does the Lord so often tell us to trust Him?  Because He knows that if we don’t stand firm in our faith, the devil and his cohorts will be able to rob us of the victories and blessings that He has in store for us.  God longs to empower us to live above our circumstances in difficult times, but He requires our cooperation. We cooperate with Him by making a quality decision to trust Him, and to resist all fear and doubt. 

Image“Trust in the Lord, and do good.” ~ Psalm 37:3

Another way we can cooperate with His plan for our victory is to “do good,” as this verse says. When we are going through a trial, the devil would like nothing better than to see us “stuck” in our problems. He doesn’t want us to move forward, but to keep our focus on our problems and ourselves. God’s antidote to that faulty strategy is to reach out to others, knowing that as we do, we will be energized and revived in ways that will keep us moving along the path of victory the Lord has mapped out for us.

 The second half of this verse tells us to “feed on His faithfulness”. God shows us that when we’re in a difficult place and we’re tempted to despair, we need to feed on His promises. Whether we need healing, finances, the restoration of a relationship, or anything else, there are scriptural promises that we can pray and stand on, trusting Him to be faithful to His Word. As one wise man has rightly said, “God’s promises will give you hope in hopeless situations”.


Is anything too hard for God?


Never doubt that God is in control. He has a plan and a purpose for your life. He wants you to walk in faith and praise Him instead of giving up on His mighty power. He wants you to learn some very important lessons during your spiritual journey in your wilderness as you are headed to your promised land. In His timing He will restore whatever you’re going through and make you stronger than ever before.

Yes, I know that life is not always easy or fair. I understand about mountains of circumstances. What are you going to do, we need to go to the Lord, praying, choosing to praise the Lord and believing that nothing is impossible for Him and He can delivery you so He can get all the glory, honor and praise.

Join with me and let’s pray to have our faith increased knowing that nothing is too hard for God. But as you face your circumstances, I challenge you to throw off the spirit of heaviness and depression, but choose to praise the Lord in the darkest hours of your night. Let us all shout to the Lord praising Him for His greatness, His holiness, His faithfulness and for His amazing love for His children.

Will you worship and praise your Lord today and everyday? Will you walk in faith instead of fear of the unknown? The enemy likes to put fear upon each of us as we look at the mountain of circumstances that we each face. Whatever mountain are you facing? Will you join me praying and believing in the power of your Lord God to move the mountain of your circumstances as you walk closer to your Lord Jesus Christ? (Mark 11:22-25)

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.'” Mark 10:27

This verse reminds us that with God all things are possible. When we ask for God’s help, we dedicate our endeavor to Him. We admit that in our strength this would not be possible but we proclaim that God can accomplish anything through someone who is willing. We put God’s courage into our heart with His truth. Keep your eyes on the Lord every day and not on your circumstances. I pray that you will start to learn how to walk in faith and stand on the promises of God speaking God’s Word to the liar and deceiver, Satan. Have a wonderful day in the presence of our Lord.

Having Patience and Hope!

When we feel deeply afflicted, it is hard for us to believe that God is tenderly involved in our lives. We feel as though perhaps God has forsaken us or—worse still—is punishing us for some mistake we have made. Job, as he was enduring the pain and sorrow of his lengthy ordeal, felt as if he had been utterly forsaken by God. Yet by faith he trusted in God, saying, “But he knows the way that I take;when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.” (23:10). He relied on God’s good purposes, in the midst of personal pain and loss and anguish.


  “As you know, we count as blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.” ~ James 5:11

This is a difficult exercise, because it means living entirely by faith, regardless of our present circumstances. It means trusting God and patiently waiting for him to fulfill His perfect and merciful purposes for us. It means tenaciously holding to a heavenly and eternal perspective, rather than seeking pleasure and fulfillment here and now.  But the example of Job should remind us that even when grief or turmoil hide the face of God from us, he is still working tenderly toward our sanctification and glory. For this reason, James declares, we count them happy which endure. Those who steadfastly endure the trials God sends their way are, in the end, the most blessed people on earth. Their lives have brought glory to God, their testimony has pointed to eternity, and their faithfulness has reminded us of God’s goodness,

GRACE-The unmerited favor of God!

There are many attributes that I personally love about God’s nature; nonetheless, there’s one attribute that I dearly love and that is the one which gives every person on earth the ability to move on in life. The unmerited favor of God (GRACE) gives fallen humanity a chance to start over and make things right. God’s grace grants us forgiveness for our past mistakes, sins and empowers us “to turn the page.” 

If today, you find yourself living with grief and regret over your past, and you feel stuck there, then there is hope for you in Christ. God is in the redemption “business” of turning hopelessness into hope. It is His will and His desire to come into your life and redeem your past. No one can go back into their past and undo what has already taken place. Even so, God has promised us that He will remove our sins and failures through His grace and will remember them no more… if we repent(turn away) and accept His plan for us.

We can either decide to live in the regret of our past mistakes and mourn about the death or loss of what has been, or we can align ourselves with God and turn the page on a new chapter in our lives. If we choose to move on with God and to fulfill His plan and purpose, then His joy will become our strength. Satan doesn’t want us to break free from regrets over our past because he can use those sins as weight. Satan enjoys holding us in bondage and wearing us down over things that we have done. In contrast, God wants us to be strong and filled with His joy.