Having a Difficult Day!


It’s amazing to me that we Christians too often believe that if we really have faith that we will not be sad or cry or just have “a bad day.” The psalms are filled with the phrase “crying out to God.” I think that is more than “calling.” There is emotion and probably tears in that call to God. Sometimes this life just – stinks. (You can put many different words in place of “stinks”!) There are things that happen that no amount of spin can make it OK. God never said that His children wouldn’t have suffering or sadness. In fact from Genesis to Revelation, the opposite is declared. There is suffering and pain.


“I am tired of crying to you. Every night my bed is wet with tears; my bed is soaked from my crying.”  ~ Psalm 6:6 

But we have Hope. Jesus came and suffered and died. He showed us that this is how it is when we live in this world and how to live in this world. Even Jesus wept and I believe more than once. Then He conquered death and wentback to heaven to prepare the Paradise where we will live together.

I believe God is telling you to acknowledge your times of sadness just as you embrace the laughter and joy in our lives. It’s OK to weep! He wants you to come to Him with tears and feelings of being overwhelmed. “Come in. Have a seat. I’m here for you.” And He will listen. He will help you to sort through the emotions and words that are swirling around you. He will show you how to separate the truth of you life from the deception of the Accuser, Satan. 

Satan would tell you that God expects you to hold your head up and that crying shows that you don’t really believe in God enough. Hogwash! God knows your heart. God knows what you have been through together. I know that God’s strength can get you through anything! You will be healthier spiritually and physically if I take your cries to God and leave it with Him instead of carrying it around like a ball and chain that you refused to notice.


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