Unanswered Prayers!


I am looking for any advice on how I may gain more followers, not just for this blog, but for Christ!

A Safe Harbor is Jesus

Our all-powerful, all-loving God encourages us to ask Him for what we want. But sometimes, after we’ve put it out there, He seems to turn and walk in the opposite direction. We are left with questions: Why did He want us to pray if He was just going to say no, anyway? Were we praying “wrong” in the first place? What are we supposed to do now?

I have repeated this cycle multiple times. More than six years ago, I began experimenting heavily in drugs and became addicted. This resulted in losing everything that meant anything to me, my home, my children, my career, my car, my family and friends, you name it. It also resulted in my salvation and my freedom. I have always believed in God and Jesus, but never had I truly had a relationship with God nor had I ever read the Bible. For the…

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